Angelcare AC420 Baby Sound Monitor – Does It Meet Your Needs?

At first glance, Maurice Pinsonnault along with his wife are the founders of Angelcare, which they made a reality around the year of 1997.

At that time both had become parents for the first time and was feeling submerged by the uncertainty that most new parents experience at the onset.

Worried whether their baby was safe when they were not in the same room with him or her, was an ongoing thought that remained on their minds.

As for the conventional baby monitors that were available in 1997, the first-time parents Pinsonnault and his wife were not satisfied with what they had to offer, which during that time was only the transmission of sound.

The Pinsonnault’s family vision was to develop a baby monitor that would offer much more, including one that detected movement linked to when a baby would wake up and fall asleep.

Next, was the evolution of the Angelcare brand of baby monitors and presently they are known worldwide as one of the most innovative and trusted brands worldwide.

Angelcare have experts located around the globe, in areas such as the UK, US, Europe, Canada, and Asia who all work together striving for one main passion, that is, “helping babies thrive.”

So now you’ve been educated on the company background history, let’s see what the Angelcare AC420 Baby Sound monitor have to offer you!

Features of the Angelcare AC420 Baby Sound Monitor

Just as interesting, is the Angelcare baby sound monitor. It’s loaded with several features you will no doubt appreciate.

For one, the display size of the standing screen sits at 1.31 inches; it has 8 channels; and the unit for your baby’s nursery doubles as a night light that projects a glow for guidance when entering your baby’s nursery.

You will have no worries with your Angelcare AC420 sound baby monitor when it comes to receiving crystalline clear transmission, since it utilizes 927 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands.

And if you happen to go out of range regarding your 820-ft. range transmission, the out-of-range indicator will alert you.

Sleeping Baby Boy
Sleeping Baby Boy

You will have the ability to visually see any sound made by your baby with the feature for the sound lights that detects the movement of rhythm made by the sounds your baby makes.

When it comes to using the battery, it’s actually ideal for when you are on the go, considering it is an optional feature on the baby monitor.

In contrast, when you are home, instead of utilizing the battery this is when I recommend using the AC Adapter and save your batteries.

Additionally, the monitor comes loaded with a feature on the front for low battery indicator, alerting you when the battery is low and needs replacing.

Also, on your parent unit the digital color screen will display the temperature of your baby’s nursery, just in case you need to adjust it and there are sound lights.

I have to say, the Angelcare AC420 Baby Sound Monitor is pretty loaded with some great features and benefits. What do you think?

So, Does the Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor Meet Your Needs?

In this case, parents if you are seeking a basic moderately priced sound baby monitor to fulfill your baby safety needs, even though, Angelcare is a well-known, trusted, and innovative brand that produces quality products, you have now found the one that will deliver.

As parents, our baby’s safety, including well-being is something we constantly think about.

Therefore, imagine owning the Angelcare AC420 baby sound monitor that will provide you with crystalline clear quality of sound, allowing you to hear each laugh, cry, and sigh, your baby makes while in another area of your home.


Angelcare AC420 Baby Sound Monitor, White
Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor, White

Not only that but also imagine using your parent unit that’s equipped with the most up-to-date technology as well as a digital display that’s in full color making you aware of the temperature setting to ensure your baby is comfortably resting in his or her room.

In addition to the sound lights that shows you any sounds of noises occurring in your baby room. What more can you ask for? It’s a total win-win!

8 Main Benefits of Angelcare AC420 Baby Sound Monitor

  • Digital display show in complete full color
  • Transmission produces crystal clear because of its 927 MHZ & 2.4 GHz frequency bands
  • Night for your baby nursery
  • Parent unit displays the temperature of your baby nursery, allowing you to see it
  • Parent unit is rechargeable
  • Parent unit is portable
  • Parents have serenity when they know their baby is safe
  • Easy setup

Closing Remarks on the Angelcare AC420 Baby Sound Monitor

By and large, I’ve educated you about the founders of Angelcare, including the features of its AC420 baby sound monitor.

Additionally, I provided you with facts, based on the features and benefits linked to the AC420 baby sound monitor, to help you determine if the Angelcare baby monitor meets your baby and family needs.

Imagine having these excellent features and benefits that will fulfill your baby and overall family needs. You can say goodbye to your worries and hello to peace of mind with your new Angelcare baby sound monitor.

And for the cost of under $60 (taxes/shipping/handling not included), you are getting it for an unbeatable and awesome price, not to mention, it is one of the top-notch brands and model.

I have no doubt, the Angelcare baby sound monitor is one of the best in its class and will provide your baby with the safety you so desire and in return give you a great deal of serenity and comfort.

As a parent myself, I always ensured my babies were safe and went above and beyond to make sure of this. So, I am sure you feel the same about your little kiddo.

As I always say, I hope you enjoyed the read and found it to be educational and helpful. I welcome your feedback, questions, and concerns.

I ask you to please leave a comment, including click the LIKE and SHARE icon to spread the love with your family and friends. I am forever grateful to you for your support.

All the best,


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