Customer’s Top-Rated Video Baby Monitor – 8 Unbeatable Features

Quite frankly, there are various brands of video baby monitors on the market. Some are more advanced than others, which come equipped with all the bells and whistles while there are other baby monitors whose features and functionality is limited. Well, the Infant Optics baby monitor brand arrived in its respective market industry around the year 2011.

Since the brands arrival, it has been and still is identified as one of the leaders in manufacturing as well as in the expansion of producing top-notch baby monitors.

Infant Optics baby monitor designs provides parents with the most state-of-the-art capacities obtainable and they continue to seek ways for design enhancements, largely from their customer’s feedback who are users of their baby monitor products.

Infant optics mission is to maintain and ensure the safety and security of your baby. Upon conducting research on the top-rated video baby monitor.

I discovered that thousands of parents are giving top-ratings to the Infant Optics DXR 8 Video Baby Monitor Interchangeable Optical Lens. Of course, as I continued to research the DXR 8 Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor, I realized why. Let’s read further about why this is so.

Infant Optics DXR 8 Video Baby Monitor Interchangeable Optical Lens

First of all, the infant optics DXR 8 video is streamed at actual time to a 3.5-inch color LCD display screen that’s slim in design. The video shows clear-cut depictions minus the gritty and broken up pixel textures, which ensures you can see your baby clearly at all times without any unwanted and distracting images.

The battery for the DXR 8 video baby monitor has one of the most dependable charges because it’s long-lasting battery life. If you utilize the video baby monitor on a continual basis the battery will last for up to six hours with the display screen on and up to 10 hours when in power-saving status.

You are going to love the fact that there is no set-up involved with the DXR 8 video baby monitor; instead, you simply plug and play. Now that’s unbeatable.

This baby monitor comes at a reasonable price of $165.52. You can click below on the hyperlink or others within the article to purchase from Amazon. Your baby safety and your piece of mind is well worth the price and more!

Infant Optics DXR 8 Video Baby Monitor Interchangeable Optical Lens
Infant Optics DXR 8 Video Baby Monitor

I always say, there’s nothing better than purchasing an electronic device that requires very little effort at the initial start-up or use of it.

Not only is that unbeatable but much different from cameras linked to the Internet, the Infant Optics DXR 8 Video Baby Monitor Interchangeable Optical Lens is 100% digitally private with no delay pertaining to its video and it consists of audio playback, thanks to its secure 2.4GHz FHSS wireless transmission.

DXR-8 Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor – 1st Interchangeable Lens System

Without a doubt, there is no other video baby monitor worldwide that possesses interchangeable lens technology. This is the first baby monitor thus far with interchangeable lens.

You can finally have overall vision control when it comes to seeing what your baby is doing or anyone else for that matter who maybe in your little one’s room, which you can also utilize for other rooms.

The integrated technology linked to the DXR 8 innovative lens gives you the ability to customize within seconds the performance of the camera by changing the lenses linked to it.

Much like that of a professional camera, you simply select the most fitting focus of attention and the angle you want to view for the specific surroundings.

You also want to take into consideration that as your baby evolves from one development stage to the next the camera is literally an investment because of its altering lens. Initially, with your camera you will use the close-up lens to obtain a more intimate view of your baby.

As your baby reach the next growth stage where he or she is mobile, you can switch to the panoramic lens, which will provide you with full vision of your little kiddo’s activity. Now that’s unquestionably unbeatable.

8 Valuable Features of the Infant Optics DXR 8 Baby Monitor

The infant optics DXR 8 baby monitor comes equipped with several valuable features to ensure the safety of your baby, including the satisfaction of its performance to parent. Those features consist of the following.

  • Two-way talk – allowing you to push the talk button linked to an intercom to talk to your baby.
  • Screen off/Audio on Mode – powers off when in power saving status, but the sound stays on. In doing so, decreases the battery consumption by 50%; converting DXR 8 into that of an audio only monitor.
  • Wireless portability – while in power saving status, DXR 8 can last up to 10 hours and six hours when the screen display is continuously on.
  • Remote Pan and Tilt Control – controls the camera’s direction with remote control. Is silent, distinct, and smooth.
  • Sound Activated LEDs Mode – In any instance your baby is crying, a row of LEDs produces visible sound of your baby’s voice you can see, which is an alert that’s letting you know your baby is crying out when the volume is turned down.
  • Charge Anywhere – it is effortless to set up several charging stations at home with the spare cable that is included, and you can charge your DXR 8 monitor unit from any USB outlets or laptops.
  • Temperature Monitoring – to determine whether your baby is safe and relaxed, the remote in-room temperature display, lets you know this.
  • Beeping Warning Gone – effective as of March 2015, any units sold by have enhanced the software that now allow you to toggle the beeping warning alerts off, found under the menu options.

The Infant Optics DXR 8 Baby Monitor Additional Add-Ons

During my research on the Infant Optics DXR 8 Video Baby Monitor Interchangeable Optical Lens, I noticed many parents in addition to purchasing the baby monitor, also purchased one or more of the additional add -on’s such as the wide-angle lens.

This lens has the capability of capturing the entire room at a full view of 170-degree. Parents love this additional feature because it allows them to monitor their active baby or toddler, while they explore and play in their surroundings and parents can see what their little one is up to at the same time. This is an unbeatable benefit.

Next is is the add-on camera unit. This add on consists of an aluminum lens protector for the hood, which pairs with a DXR 8 monitor unit that is existing and it’s expandable for up to 4 cameras. Lastly, is the optical zoom lens. Most fitting for viewing your baby close-up while he or she is resting.

Different from digital zoom that involves software to stimulate a depiction to appear closer; there is no distortion linked to the resolution or clarity of the picture with the DXR 8 optical zoom effect.

You can position the camera some distance from your baby and you will receive an enjoyable view close-up. If you purchase the DXR 8 starter kit, the optical lens is included.

Closing Overview of Infant Optics DXR 8 Baby Monitor

In final analysis of the Infant Optics DXR 8 Video Baby Monitor Interchangeable Optical Lens, it’s clear based on the information provided, why parents view this baby monitor is the top-rated among its competitors and the most purchased on Amazon by the thousands.

The monitor offers 8 unbeatable features, in addition to a state-of-the art first interchangeable lens system on a global level. The baby monitor provides many advanced features, high dependability, and the utmost quality to ensure the safety and security of your baby.

Not only that but it will also leave you in a state of ease and assuredness, knowing your baby is safe. Isn’t this what your baby deserves? I believe so, the best and nothing less. I highly recommend the infant optics DXR 8 baby monitor. I seriously doubt you will be disappointed.

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