DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor – 8 Benefits Why You Should Own It?

In general, the electronics establishment known as DBPOWER have been delivering the electronics market industry a somewhat broad range of products since their arrival in 1973.

Although, there company is based out of Pune, India they are well-known on a global level for the delivery of reliable and top-notch baby monitors, aside from there other electronic products.

Recently, I completed an article on DBPOWER’s video baby monitor that offers many amazing features and benefits, but this article will educate parents about the DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor that’s also available.

So, take a moment and read the details of this article to see what this audio baby monitor has to offer you.

Details You Should Know about DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor

At the present time, the digital audio baby monitor has a long range of operation. And to make sure your baby and family privacy, including security is protected against interference and someone secretly listening to your conversation, the DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor uses the 2.4 GHz digital and encrypted transmission technology system.

Not to mention, it gives you up to 300m or 1000 ft. of clear audio transmission range, provided the range is free of anything blocking it.

To make sure you keep your connection with your baby at all times, when your monitor is low on power or even out of range, you will get notification alerts from your parent unit letting you know.

You will also have total control to sooth and talk to your baby when needed because of the intercom that allows you to talk-back and the two-way feature.

There’s nothing like your baby hearing his mommy’s voice, when he or she is fussy or crying, which you can do so from a different area in your home.

And if the tone of your voice isn’t enough to sooth your baby, you have the option to choose from 6 preloaded lullabies the DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor comes equipped with.

Now, when it comes to the battery. You should know the parent unit is wireless, including battery operated and rechargeable.

Hey, there is nothing better than wireless gadgets, right? This gives you the freedom to work on other activities around the home or to take a little time for self.

The parent as well as baby unit each operate on 3 triple A batteries, but they drain somewhat fast. So, for the most part, it is recommended to keep the units plugged in.


 DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Two-way and Talk-back Intercom System, up to 1,000ft Extended Range, Rechargeable Battery-Operated Parent Unit
DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor

Also, at this time the parent unit only supports one baby unit, so you don’t have the option to pair additional units to the parent one. But let’s keep our fingers cross that DBPOWER electronics is working on an upgrade.

DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor Features and Functions

Moving on, let’s review the remarkable features DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor is equipped with.

Now to provide you with additional peace of mind, the baby monitor comes with a button to lock and unlock the monitor; and 6 lullabies that have been preloaded in advance to sooth and or calm your baby.

It also has a function for Page and Find that fits not only your unit but your baby’s to’ and for easy portability it comes with a belt clip; including an automatic mode function that sets your baby monitor to dim for a stress-free night.

The baby monitor comes with an out of range sound detection of high and low sensitivity; a talk-back intercom and two-way feature; and a button for lock and unlock for peace of mind.

This digital audio baby monitor sends notification alerts that beeps to let you know your monitor is connected and within range as well as indicate a continuous change, showing you anytime there are noises coming from your baby.

8 Benefits You Get with the DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor

1.     Parent unit is operated by batteries and they are rechargeable

2.     To start with you are given 3 triple A batteries for the parent unit with purchase (in the box)

3.     The parent unit is wireless and comes with a belt clip

4.     It offers a maximum of 1000 ft. range with no obstructions in view

5.     It comes with 6 lullabies that are preloaded in advance

6.     Sound sensitivity (hi/low) detection for close-up and far range

7.     You get notification alerts on the parent unit that beeps when it is out of range and low on power; including lets you know if any noises are coming from your baby

8.     Equipped with the 2.4 GHz digital and encrypted transmission technology system and it also provides you with crystalline sound and eliminates outsiders from listening to your conversations and minimum issues if any with interference

Windup of the DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor

In essence, you were educated and made aware of the details about DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor. In addition to the features as well as functions of it.

To add, I provided eight specific benefits that comes with this digital audio baby monitor.

The DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor provides an array of features, functions, and benefits for parents who simply want to hear want their baby is doing.

And for the cost of it, which is under $30.00 (taxes not included), I recommend this baby monitor to parents with confidence.

It also has a 4.5 star rating out of 5, based on the many customer’s reviews of whom have purchased it and uses it.

With these amazing benefits and parents high rating reviews, why would you pass up a deal such as this?

This is a spectacular digital audio baby monitor for the safety and security of your baby and family needs.

If you are watching your budget this another good reason to get it. The cost is clearly underpriced.

Any questions, comments, or feedback you may have, I welcome them. Please post them and I will reply.

All the best,


4 Replies to “DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor – 8 Benefits Why You Should Own It?”

  1. Thanks for an excellent review, Deborah! How exciting to find a two-way baby monitor. I never knew they existed! How cool. And built-in lullabies. Sweet!
    We were given a couple of second-hand monitors when our son was born so I never really did my due diligence. I must say, this one also looks next-generation.

    1. Thank you Lauren. I am pleased to hear you enjoyed the read, I have to say as well that baby monitors have evolved to levels of high functionality with many beneficial features and eye-appealing designs. 

      I believe they are great and offer a number of worthy benefits to parents, such as monitoring the safety and security of their little ones to allowing parents time to do other activities with no worries regarding whether their baby is ok. 

      I look at them as a second pair of eyes and or ears or both depending on the type of baby monitor that’s most suitable for a parents family needs.  

      I appreciate your comments and I am very much greatful.  


  2. Oh I love this article it gives such a great detail description of this product and the different functions of it I can’t believe how technical the baby audio monitors are such a change since the time I was born and having children I will definitely be getting one of these for my nephew and his new baby girl.

    1. Kay I am pleased to hear you enjoyed reading the article and many features, including functions that comes with it. Yes, you gotta love the evolution of todays technology concerning how it has enhanced electonic products, specifically baby monitors.

      If you get the DBPOWER Audio Baby Monitor for your nephew new baby girl as a gift, I am certain they will enjoy all that if offers. So, I highly recommend it. It has a lot to offer and for an affordable price.

      Please leave any questions or concerns you may have or if you would like to see an article write up on a particular baby monitor of interest, just post the name of it in the comment section and I will deliver.

      I look forward to you visiting my website for more to come. I appreciate you stopping by. I am grateful for your support.

      All the best,

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