Hello Baby HB32 Wireless Video Baby Monitor – 11 Enjoyable Benefits Parents Will Love

The company Hello Baby was developed in 2007 by a first-time father by the name of Trevor Ginn, which was located in London’s East End of Truman Brewery.

Trevor’s vision was to aid other first-time parents by giving them all the baby products they needed in a specific spot.

Meanwhile, his business was expanding as well as his family, resulting in him relocating the business around the year of 2011 to St. Albans, a city that’s legendary.

Hello Baby is managed and occupies the space of a warehouse that sits on 4000 square feet. During the company’s day-to-day business operations, hundreds of customers orders are processed.

The company prides its business on delivering products of quality, yet sensible, and entertaining.

The business has a broad selection of nursery products that’s more than 3000, including a great selection of leading brands of over 120.


Hello Baby HB32 Wireless Video Baby Monitor
Hello Baby HB32 Wireless Video Baby Monitor

So, parents any kind of baby products you all are seeking to buy from the time of knowing you are pregnant up to your babies preschool age, Hello Baby got you covered.

One of Hello Baby products this article will address is the Hello Baby HB32 Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera.

Are you ready to get educated about this baby monitor? Well, let’s read on, shall we?

Hello Baby HB32 Video Monitor Offers Quality Features and Functions That Won’t Disappoint

For one thing, you can’t go wrong with Hello Baby digital wireless video monitor.

It’s equipped with a 3.2-inch video LCD screen that show your baby’s image in top quality and in color.

For the privacy and safety of your baby, its loaded with 2.4GHz FHSS technology linked to wireless transmission with a maximum range for security without obstruction up to 960 feet.

To add, it has infrared night vision with built-in camera linked to LED lights allowing you the ability to watch videos without the use of a light.

You can also maintain a view of your baby from your room, no matter the time of night.

That’s not all, the monitor comes with a function that monitors the temperature, providing you with information that shows on the screen as well as alerts anytime the setting value for the temperature is out of range.

Moreover, whenever you need to calm or just simply talk to your baby, the two-way talk back function will allow you to do so.

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Furthermore, if your voice tone doesn’t calm your baby, there is another option that will more than likely get the job done, which is the lullaby soothing system.

Imagine having all these quality features and functions loaded within one baby monitor

Do you want more? Well, I can’t forget to mention, it’s loaded with eight mellow harmonically lullabies to choose from when you need to relax and or put your baby in a state of physical ease.


Hello Baby Monitoring Baby while Mom Cooks
Hello Baby Monitoring Baby while Mom Cooks

You can use this when he or she is perhaps fussy and cannot go to sleep or maybe when awakening.

Besides that, no worries when it comes to setting-up your Hello Baby HB32 Video Monitor because the camera only requires you to plug it in and play. That’s right, a simple 2 step process.

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Additionally, if you need cameras for more than one room in your home, your parent unit will allow for a total of 4 baby unit cameras to be paired to it, fantastic!

11 Key Benefits Parents Get with Hello Baby HB32 Video Monitor

  • 100% privacy to keep your baby safe and secure because of the digital encryption wireless transmission linked to 2.4GHz FHSS
  • 960 feet maximum range
  • A color 3.2-inch top quality LCD screen
  • Set up is as easy as plug & play
  • Voice talk back that’s two-way
  • Function for night vision that’s infrared
  • Zoom function
  • Expands up to a total of 4 cameras
  • System with 8 preloaded lullabies consisting of baby soothing music
  • Function for monitoring the air temperature in your baby room
  • Re-chargeable battery built-in to the monitor

Restatement of Main Topics Covered Regarding Hello Baby HB32 Baby Monitor

As discussed above, in 2007 the origination of Hello Baby was founded by Trevor Ginn who was a first- time parent and resided in a city north of the London’s East End, by the name of Truman Brewery.

Later in 2011 the business establishment was relocated to a legendary city known as St. Albans, where the business operation has been in progress since.

Not only that but also, significant information was addressed about the various quality features and functions Hello Baby HB32 monitor is equipped with; coupled with specifying 11 Key Benefits.

So, what are you waiting on to get it, you won’t be disappointed.

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I hope you all found the article educational and beneficial.

I’ve provided relevant information about Hello Baby HB32 Wireless Video Baby Monitor.

As always, thank you all for reading my article and if you have a special request for a baby monitor you would like me to write an article about, please leave a message in the comment box at the end of this article.

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