iBaby Monitor – What is Everybody Saying?

So far, since iBaby arrival in its respective market industry of baby monitors, which was around 2011, they are rapidly continuing to be a powerful influence in technology for connectivity to your baby’s room.

iBaby envision improving the lives of families by bringing modern techniques to alter the traditional methods of baby monitoring.

By using the mobile platform of Apple iOS and integrating it with cloud technology, iBaby spearheaded the first baby monitor of its type. In doing so, empowers you with the ability to remain connected with your little ones, no matter where you are located.

Did you know that iBaby was named an Inc. 5000 company because of their rapid growth, which resulted in them uniting ranks on a global level with the speediest emerging private businesses?

iBaby is about innovating smarter techniques for interaction between you and your baby, including taking care of them regardless of the location of your whereabouts.

Dissimilar from devices such as video surveillance that’s Internet enabled, you can complete the setup for iBaby quite effortless with any enabled Internet iOS gadget, in addition to a preexisting network consisting of Wi-Fi.

iBaby strives for continuous innovative ways for parent interaction between you and your little kiddo. Oh my, now imagine having that kind of innovation for your baby and yourself!

iBaby have award-winning baby monitors that utilize Wi-Fi connection in their product line as well as air purifiers, giving you the capability to monitor your baby at any hour and any location.

As you continue reading, you will understand why iBaby is the innovator of linking technology and its baby monitors to your baby’s nursery.

Features of iBaby Monitor M6S 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Smart Digital Baby Monitor 

Particularly, the iBaby Monitor M6S 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Smart Digital Baby Monitor is equipped with a crystalline 1080P full HD video resolution, including night vision.

This baby monitor supports 2.4GHz as well as 5 GHz double band Wi-Fi routers; and android as well as iOS applications; no cloud storage, and it has educational in-app stores for parenting and content that addresses parent care, which comes at no cost to you.

iBaby monitor M6S is a Wi-Fi smart digital monitor that’s consist of two-way speakers, 300-view, it has preloaded lullabies you can play for your baby, voice and video recording, listen and talk, connectivity to options for your iTunes music, and all those countless pictures you snap, you can share and post them to your social websites if you choose to do so.

Not only that but also the iBaby monitor M6S comes with an alert timeline for smart sound and motion. Additionally, this monitor is sharable on social sites with your friends and family with the option to also invite unlimited users and it has around the clock monitoring.

This baby monitor comes at a reasonable price of $114.70. You can click below on the link or other links within the article to purchase from Amazon. Your baby safety and your piece of mind is well worth the price and more!

iBaby Monitor M6S 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Smart Digital Baby Monitor 
iBaby M6S Wi-Fi Smart Digital Baby Monitor

Imagine having a baby monitor that allows you the ability to follow every move your baby makes. With the iBaby Monitor M6S 360-degree view, including its 110-degree tilt, you can do just that.

Not only that but also this monitor advances at a slow speed in reaction to your finger when it’s on your smart gadget display. Smart alerts are conveyed directly to your smart gadget for sound, motion, and air quality and in real time.

You can also track the humidity, air quality, and temperature in your baby’s nursery using the Care app and iy will provide graphs of this information on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Picture yourself having access to these many remarkable features among so much more with the iBaby Monitor M6S.

iBaby Monitor M6S Setup & Compatibility       

For the purpose of setup in regards to the iBaby Monitor M6S, according to iBaby step by step instructions this process is quite easy. Let’s review what you will have to do for setup of your iBaby monitor.

First off, before you begin setup, ensure you connect your gadget to Wi-Fi. You should know that both the 2.4Ghz as well as 5Ghz router frequencies are supported by iBaby Monitor M6S.  Now, to begin using your mobile device with your new iBaby Monitor:

  • Download iBaby Care app from App Store to your mobile device
  • Connect power adapter to back of your iBaby Monitor M6S
  • Launch the app
  • Create an account utilizing your email address
  • Connect your mobile device and your iBaby Monitor M6S gadget with the USB cable
  • Once message prompt, choose allow to share your Wi-Fi settings
  • Within 60 seconds or less, installation of your iBaby Monitor M6S will finish setup
  • Unplug the USB cable and you can now experience the use of your iBaby Monitor M6S

Provided that, you are curious about compatibility concerns with iBaby Monitor M6S, you should know that it is compatible with the below electronic devices.

  • iPhone 5+
  • iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini
  • HTC
  • Air
  • Samsung Note
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Nexus
  • Most common other Android phones

Parents Feedback & Media Outlets About iBaby Monitor M6S

In view of iBaby opening public emergence, according to the company, thousands of parents provided feedback praising many of iBaby Monitors, including other products and continues to date.

It doesn’t stop there, because their line of products also received and still get high praises from reputable media outlets, such as Fox, Yahoo, Mag, PN, and CNet.

To date, iBaby products have received distinguished awards, such as Mom’s Choice Awards, The Best of Baby Tech, and Top Choice. iBaby ranks number one as a Family Care Company and globally they have a 100k plus users of the iBaby Monitors.

If you had unclear thoughts about whether to proceed with the iBaby Monitor M6S,  they should be clarified and you should imagine yourself owning it at this point.

Recap of iBaby Monitor M6S Information Explored

Lastly, from the time of iBaby existence took place in 2011 and onward, they continue to be a powerful influence in technology for connectivity to your baby’s nursery. iBaby have changed the traditional methods of baby monitoring by implementing modern techniques.

As a result of this, the iBaby Monitor M6S comes equipped with stand-out features, such as the 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi with Smart Digital, less than 60 seconds installation for setup and is compatible with more than nine electronic devices.

Not to mention the praising feedback received from thousands of parents worldwide, including from big name media outlets. Picture yourself owning the iBaby Monitor M6S to ensure the safety and security of your baby and family needs. If you don’t have it yet I advise you to go, get it.

If you have any questions or feedback in general regarding this article, please leave it in the comment box and I will reply to your question/comment.


iBaby Labs, (2017) Retrieved from https://ibabylabs.com/

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2 Replies to “iBaby Monitor – What is Everybody Saying?”

  1. This product sounds amazing! I wish I would have known about this before purchasing my current video monitor. The only concern I would have with it though is if it is possible for someone else to get access to your monitor? Not sure if that is something you could answer for me?

    I definitely want to make the switch though! Thanks for taking the time to review this product and make it known!

    1. Hello Leah,

      Thank you for your kind comments. And to answer you question about the security of the monitor; well, first of all, your camera is the starting point that links to the monitor. Therefore, the only way someone can view your camera, is the person would have to be an authorized user of the app.

      Otherwise, the person’s phone will fail to connect because he or she is not an authorized user of the app. In other words, only authorized users of the app will have access to your camera.

      So, if someone is not authorized to use the camera but attmepts to do so, his or her phone will fail to connect, which in essence they can’t gain access to the monitor.

      In addition to that, iBaby have a three-layers of security in place to maintain a secure connection, which is linked to the app, monitor, and then their servers. 

      So, no worries there because iBaby provides top-notch security for their wireless baby monitor devices.

      Additonally, iBaby recommends users of their baby monitors to take measures to protect their home to improve your baby monitor security by doing the following:

      1.       Ensure you check for and install any updates on your router, the app, and monitor as you receive them.

      2.      Change the name to the default camera and choose a password that’s secure for the app

      3.      Ensure the password you use for your Wi-Fi differs from any other accounts you have

      4.      Your Wi-Fi password must consist of 16 or less alphanumeric characters in order to communicate with your            iBaby monitor.

      By taking proper safety measures will make parents life much easier with the use of iBaby wireless monitors.

      Hopefully, I provided you with a satisfactory answer to your question. 

      I am happy to hear you enjoyed my article and hope you visit my website again and spread the love to your family and friends about my site content and what it has to offer.

      Thank you for stopping by. I do appreciate the support and hope you come again.


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