Introducing Totokan Cordless Baby Monitor – Are You Ready for Its Amazing Offers?

Recently, a new baby monitor known as the Totokan Cordless Baby Monitor was made available and introduced to the United States (US) in September of this year, that is, 2017.

Now the formation of Totokan came about by Shelley Lin and Tyrone Lee, who are both parents themselves.

Following the birth of their twins, the truth registered with them early on, which was that getting two newborns, not one, on a schedule that’s identical, was simply not realistic.

Well parents, what do you think? I know speaking from experience myself, trying to get one baby on a set schedule can be a challenge, so imagine trying to do this with two!  I’d feel like an emotional roller coaster…Lol.

So, because of this, Shelley and Tyrone thoughts were correct; the chances of getting their twin babies on the same schedule, were slim to none!

Shelley and Tyrone needed a baby monitor that would monitor one baby perhaps playing, while at the same time monitoring the other baby who was maybe sleeping.

Suddenly, the evolution of the first generation Totokan Cordless Baby Monitor emerged.

Now, let’s read and learn more about this amazing Totokan cordless baby monitor and what it has to offer you in the next paragraphs to follow.

Totokan Cordless Baby Monitor – Standard Options and Features + More

Different from any other baby monitor, the first generation Totokan baby monitor is IP65 water-resistant, weather-proof, and cordless making it portable.

These remarkable features allow you the option to take it with you when leaving your home and in rainy or bad weather. Your Totokan baby monitor is weather ready and well-protected!

The Totokan family dedication to standards as well as safety is a top priority of theirs.

So, they’ve made sure the safest hardware is used, such as Japanese batteries and encryption at the bank level regarding the software utilization in the baby monitor, which ensures the incorporation of safe and secure technology during the production and manufacturing phase.

Because of this, the baby monitor has an enterprise level security. Aye, that’s what I call a high-level security system, one that’s ensuring the safety of your baby, right?

Of course, because this is the number one concern we as parents worry about the most when it comes to the safety and security of our babies.

Especially moms, because we are protectors of our children by nature. The Totokan baby monitor also offers you the option to unplug and go cordless, giving you over 4 hours of battery life and it is equipped wth night vision.

Or, if you prefer, simply let it remain plugged in. You got options, I mean a lot of options…

This baby monitor also allows you a great deal of flexibility in terms of its use. For instance, if your smartphone comes Wi-Fi ready, this gives you the ability to practically check in on your baby from anywhere in the world.

Totokan Cordless Baby Monitor
Totokan Cordless Baby Monitor

You can also sync it with your home Wi-Fi in a matter of minutes. How can parents not love this great feature? I suppose with features and options this amazing, it’s hard not to love it!

If you do not have Wi-Fi, no worries; the Totokan baby monitor allows offline streaming of up to 50 yards outside and 20 yards inside while in your home.

Live streaming can also be linked to your smartphone gadget in HD with iOS and Android apps.

You know many baby monitors charge an additional fee for cloud service, well with the Totokan baby monitor they got you covered, no additional fees assessed for this service, WOW!

It is equipped with a SD card slot feature, allowing you to save up to a maximum of 7 nonstop days of live streaming; oh yes! This baby monitor is loaded with advanced features, including options.

Not only that but it also has a casing that is ruggedized to protect it in case you perhaps drop it or maybe if you are outside and it’s rainy, which means you can utilize it both inside the home and outside of it.

Not to mention, it comes with the two-way talk back feature, which most baby monitors have. And no matter where you are, because of the Totokan baby monitor motion notifications, you will always know what’s going on with your baby.

You can quickly create videos as well as take pictures to share with friends and family. It comes with a USB charger, a micro one.

And check this out…it’s attachable with a camera tripod and you can place it almost anywhere because of its tripod screw that’s universal!

Imagine having the Totokan baby monitor with all these loaded and remarkable features and options.

You can say good bye to your worries about the safety and security of your baby and say hello to your second pair of excellent eyes!

5 Reasons Why You Need the TotoKan Cordless Baby Monitor

Given that you’ve learned about all the sensational features and options the Totokan baby monitor offers, lets review several valid reasons why you need it as follows:

  • First reason, hypothetically speaking, let’s say you have a toddler and a newborn baby, that is, two children, right?  Yes, Now, in a situation as this, which I have experienced with my niece and nephew when babysitting

I realized and learned that having a toddler in the same room with a newborn was a no go!  In a scenario such as this, you can monitor your baby and watch your toddler while he or she plays in the yard.

  • Second reason, is perhaps, let’s say you telework and of course that requires doing work tasks while working from home, but your baby is at home napping, and you can’t see what he or she is doing. You can easily unplug your baby monitor and place it wherever you need it; problem resolved!
  • Third reason, you are traveling regarding work-related business and have been in meetings most of the day. You are concern and want to check in on your baby. You can quickly sync your smart device straight to your monitor. Eliminating having to depend on using someone else Wi-Fi who you don’t know.
  • Fourth reason, you are childcare worker, a nanny, or maybe the owner and operator of a daycare center. Need I say a baby monitor is much needed it either of these scenarios and it will come in handy, in any of these three situations…the Totokan baby monitor is your second pair of eyes. Let’s get it!
  • Fifth reason, although, pretty obvious. You have the freedom to do other tasks or activities you need completed without constant worry, because you know with the Totokan baby monitor, your baby, is safe and secure.

10 Remarkable Benefits You Get with the Totokan Cordless Baby Monitor

To point out 10 key benefits of the Totokan baby monitor, how about we review them in specific detail

  • You will have serenity of knowing your little one is safely monitored. Good bye to stress!
  • You can utilize the Totokan as a standard monitor by plugging it up near your baby nursery and monitoring your baby with your smartphone device
  • Easy to setup by quickly downloading the free app and syncing your Totokan baby monitor to your smartphone gadget. And you’re all set to go!
  • Without Wi-Fi, you can still view your baby from your smartphone using the live stream option
  • It captures pictures, including videos, and you can share them instantly with family and friends by uploading them online
  • Installing is easy, even in places such as, by the pool area or perhaps in your yard
  • When it is time for you to check on your baby, motion notifications are sent to you
  • Totokan baby monitor is weather-proof, water resistant, cordless, compact, and protected if dropped because of it’s ruggedized casing. Nice!  Click here now to buy from Amazon.
  • You can use your Totokan baby monitor for up to 4 hours regarding the battery life while unplugged

 Totokan Cordless Baby Monitor Overall Analysis 

On the whole, you’ve learned about the introduction and evolution of the Totokan cordless baby monitor in the U.S. that occurred in September of 2017.

You have also been educated about its traditional and advanced features and options, which are impressively amazing!

I pointed out five (5) valid reasons why you need the Totokan baby monitor; in addition, to 10 specific and remarkable benefits you will get with the advanced baby monitor.

As with any electronic devices there is always the possibility of issues arising because it is not 100% guaranteed to be trouble-free nor is any others.

But I can say based on the reviews by customers who are using this baby monitor there is only great feedback thus far.

For that reason, I strongly recommend you get the amazing Totokan cordless baby monitor. With its advanced features and options, including the traditional ones, how can you not want the best for your baby when it comes to his or her safety and security?

I doubt you will be disappointed. Let’s get it!

I welcome and value your comments, questions, feedback, and concern. So, feel free to pose any thoughts you may have about my article. I look forward to the discussion.

All the best,


4 Replies to “Introducing Totokan Cordless Baby Monitor – Are You Ready for Its Amazing Offers?”

  1. I really Love this cordless monitor , it will help in so many ways and I love the information that you provide with it, I know this is going to be one of your most Hottest Items on your page , I can’t wait to share with my family and friends the information so they can get on your Website, From one of your number one Fans ,Patricia ??

    1. Hello Patricia,
      Thank you so much. I am happy to hear you enjoyed reading about the Totokan Cordless Baby Monitor. I must say it is one of kind. It is equipped with numerous features and the fact that it is cordless and does not require Wi-Fi connection makes it even more amazing. Not only that but it also is weatherproof and is designed to resist water. I haven’t come across any other baby monitors as spectacular as the Totokan Cordless one just yet. However, please spread the love about my website to your friends and family. I hope you visit again for more to come. I do appreciate your comments and feedback. If you have any baby monitor of interest you would like to see an article on, please let me know and I will cover it for you. Again, thank you and I look forward to you returning.

      All the best,

  2. Hi D- Ann, I have read through your post and it is a whole mouth full of information on the Totokan Cordless baby monitor. Whether it is twins or triplets the amount of babies that comes in one pregnancy is not an issue for me. The care and safety measure that both parents ensure for their baby/ s is the thing that I am interested in. Are you saying that this cordless monitor can withstand any weather? DorcasW

    1. Dorcas, 

      I couldn’t agree more. The safety and security of our babies is most definitey priority number one. To answer your question as to whether the Totokan Cordless Baby Monitor baby monitor is capable of resisting any weather, 

      I would  say Yes, and this is because the casing is made to be rugged (strong enough to resist abuse) as well as durable, which means it was designed to withstand exposure to any weather without deteriorating.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this topic.


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