Motorola Baby Monitor – Why Do Parents Recommend This One?

Generally speaking, Motorola’s sustaining continuation in the market industry of mobile communication, has made their wide range of high quality products, from telephones to baby monitors, set the bar high for its competitors.

Motorola is responsible for making communication viable today, considering they are literally the creators of their respective industry of mobile communication.

Did you know they were the first inventors of the mobile telephone and have been solidified in the mobile communication industry for more than eight (8) decades, that is, 80 plus years?

Wow, talk about sustainability as business. Now that’s awe-inspiring I must say. Motorola is devoted to ensuring that consumers on a global scale are provided with devices of considerable value that will not trade-off on style, experiences, or quality.

These are several key factors of many, that leads parents to choosing one of Motorola baby monitors for the safety and security of their baby, including peace of mind for the entire family.

Therefore, let’s move onward to the information that follows, to address a number of them.

What Does the Motorola Baby Monitor MBP33S Offer?

Of course, Motorola offers a broad range of various baby monitors but the Motorola MBP33S Wireless Video Baby Monitor with  2.8-Inch Color LCD, Zoom and Enhanced Two-Way Audio is constructed with several camera viewings, consisting of screen options for auto-switch as well as picture-in-picture.

Parents love these features because they permit you the capability of connecting extra cameras, while at the same time maintaining your eyesight on the overall family, which allows you to also link up to a maximum of four-rooms.

This baby monitor comes at a reasonable price of $62.65. You can click below on the link or other links within the article to purchase from Amazon. Your baby safety and your piece of mind is well worth the price and more!

Motorola MBP33S Wireless Video Baby Monitor with 2.8-Inch Color LCD, Zoom and Enhanced Two-Way Audio
Motorola MBP33S Wireless Video Baby Monitor

The baby monitor also displays the video in real-time, including the sound in your little one’s nursery. If you feel the need to see what your baby is up to during the night hours, you can do so without turning the lights on because of the infrared night vision feature.



Reliable Connection for the Motorola Baby Monitor MBP33S

It’s no secret that reliable connection is a key concern parents tend to be skeptical about when choosing a baby monitor but with good reason.

However, the Motorola video baby monitor MBP33S is equipped with FHSS technology that has the wireless 2.4 GHz, which provides enhanced ranged. That means you will have a much lesser chance of signals dropping.

The exceptional Motorola Baby Monitor MBP33S wireless range provides you with a maximum distance of 590 feets that will allow you to remain connected.

Motorola Baby Monitor MBP33S – Room Temperature & Two-Communication Features

Certainly, the MBP33S feature for room temperature display is wonderful to have because you can ensure the temperature in your baby nursery is at the most comfort level befitting for him or her.

You can view the display to determine if your baby room isn’t warm enough or if it needs to be a bit cooler.

As for the two-way communication feature, it will assist you with always having a connection with your little one regardless of your whereabouts within the home.

Not only that but this Motorola baby monitor is equipped with a total of five lullabies that’s integrated within the two-way communication feature, which aids in keeping your baby at ease and unruffled, pacifying him or her back into sleep mode.

Closing Key Points About Motorola Baby Monitor MBP33S

All things considered, with over 80 years of experience and as the creator of the mobile communication industry to creating the first mobile telephone. There is no question why parents rely and trust Motorola baby monitors.

The video baby monitor MBP33S has reliable connection with the use of FHSS technology and wireless 2.4GHz as well as a range distance of 590 feet.

In addition, it is equipped with such features as room temperature,  two-way communication, lullabies, the digital 2.8 video monitor; infrared night vision, and camera viewings with auto-switch options, including additional camera connection, etc.

If this is the baby monitor you trust is most promising for providing the safety and security needed for your little kiddo and overall family, I highly recommend you do not hesitate to proceed with getting it. This baby monitor will be well worth it.

If you have questions, please leave me a comment and I will gladly provide a reply. Or, if you simply want to share your thoughts about the article, I welcome your comments.

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2 Replies to “Motorola Baby Monitor – Why Do Parents Recommend This One?”

  1. Hi Deborah, I never realised the extent to which baby monitors have progressed – my babies being 18 and 16 years old this year! I wish I had some of the features of the Motorola baby monitor like the infrared and music features.
    How reassuring it must be to see your baby breathing away, comfortable in sleep for some anxious parents. I’m just not sure how healthy it is to have wifi signals constantly running through the house. Have you looked into that side of things?
    I guess it’s the sign of the times. Thanks for your guide though. Hopefully, I won’t be needing it anytime soon – too young for grandkids but I’m sure I’ll check into it when that time comes….

    1. Hello Megan,

      I absolutely understand. It’s quite amazing how far technology has evolved in regards to baby monitors. Many of them are so innovative you wouldn’t believe the various features their loaded with. 

      As far as your concerns in reference to the potential effect of wi-fi signals always being transmitted through your home, based on information I’ve read in Forbes, etc, there is no definite proof wi-fi signals, which children are regularly exposed to is of any harm to them. 

      This information is dependent upon a valid study that was conducted by independent researches. 

      Also, the World Health Organization (WHO) indicated children exposed to wi-fi network

      signals from a low level, long term standpoint, pose no risk either. 

      At this time, on evidence show that wi-fi pose a threat to the healthy or children or adults.  Additionally, based on several sources, most wi-fi video monitors have been deemed safe.

      So, hopefully my response clarifies your concern. I am happy you enjoyed my article and hope you will stop by again or share my website information with your family and friends.

      Thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated.

      All the best,



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