VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor Review – My Top Pick

Product: VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor
Price: $112.99 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Purchase: Amazon.com
Size of Screen Display: 4.3 inches
Guarantee: 1 Year Warranty from Date of Purchase
My Rating: 9.0 out of 10

VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor
VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor

With so many video baby monitor brands and models available to choose from on the market, this can make it a challenge for first time parents to select one that’s most suitable for their baby needs.

Personally, one of several key factors I look at regarding any product, is the length of time a brand has been around.

In saying that, you should know the VTech brand was established the year of 1976 in Hong Kong and operates on a global scale in 10 different regions.

VTech brings you an amazing line-up of baby video monitors among others.

However, one among others have received great ratings thus far, is the VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor with Automatic Infrared Night Vision, Soothing Sounds, Lullabies, Temperature Sensor & 1,000 ft. Range.

Parents you should know the VTech VM 346 comes with a video monitor that’s in full color and is displayed on an LCD 4.3-inch screen, in addition to having a bear style design for the camera.

Imagine having the ability to see each facial expression your baby makes, from a smile to cry and a sigh, or even maybe a not so happy moment.

What an endearing way to bring peace of mind to your baby’s nursery.

Not only that but also parents, you will not have to go hurrying off to your baby’s nursery when soothing is needed, you can simply do this by using the two-way, talk back intercom feature.

The VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor also have an automatic low light detector and it allows night vision, which means when night falls or in a dark room, you can see your baby without any problems.

Although it will show in black and white rather than color, which is expected. In addition, just visualize seeing your baby:

  • On clear, full motion video that comes alive when your baby makes natural body movements
  • No worrying when it comes to the noise level in your baby’s nursery because of the 9-level sound indicator that will let you know
  • You can rest at ease knowing others will not hear the sounds your baby makes because the baby monitor is secure and private with audio transmission and digital video
  • You can receive sound alerts through vibration on the parent unit when your baby sounds restless
  • You can use the belt clip to attach your parent unit to your shirt or belt
  • You get a battery that’s rechargeable and it has an alert indicator for low-battery on your parent unit
  •  It has a 10-hour battery life
  • Expands up to the use of 3 additional cameras but you must separately purchase these additions.
  • You can set to sound activation mode that will save power when your parent unit is switched to off, until it detects noise
  • You have a built-in compartment to store the cord linked to the wall mount bracket
  • You will know if your baby’s nursery is too hot or too cold because of the temperature sensor indicator

My Overall Rating of VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor Based on My Review & Comparison of Other Top Picked Video Baby Monitors

To begin with, while comparing the VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor with similar ones such as the Smilism Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera, 2.4” LCD Display, Infrared Night Vision, Temperature Monitoring, Two Way Talkback Function and Lullabies (upgraded version), I revealed several likewise features.

Smilism have enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS technology, while VTech VM346 have digital transmission that ensures the security, privacy, and safety of your baby, eliminating unwanted listeners.

Both video baby monitors have a total of up to four camera expandability and both have the sound activated LED indicator.

The Smilism video baby monitor comes with a 2.4-inch LCD screen; a maximum range of 900 ft.; including a pan and tilt feature.

Although, during my research there was no indication about the number of hours concerning the battery life, but it is rechargeable.

In contrast, the VTech VM346 video baby monitor is equipped with a 3.4-inch screen size, 1000 ft. range, kickstand, wall mountable, 10-hour battery life, multiple viewing, and many other features and functionality compared to the Smilism video baby monitor.

As we can see thus far, the VTech VM346 video baby monitor compared to the Smilism video baby monitor offers you many more benefits and a more complete baby monitor system.

Next is a comparison and review of VTech VM346 video baby monitor with DBPOWER Digital Sound Activated Video Record Baby Monitor.

The DBPOWER Video Record Baby Monitor is equipped with 2.4GHz FHSS privacy for the security and safety of your baby.

It also comes with the LED sound indicator, has a battery life of up to 9 hours in power save mode, night light, maximum distance range of up to 1,000 ft.

It has lullabies, digital video recording function (DVR), and a display for linked to the temperature.

Additionally, DBPOWER digital video baby monitor have pan/tilt/zoom; camera is mountable on the ceiling or wall; supports a total of 4 camera expandability; digital video recording function, and a function for power saving for a lasting battery life.

In my review of comparing the VTech VM346 video baby monitor with the DBPOWER video baby monitor, I find that VTech VM346 fall short of having the digital video recording function (DVR).

The DVR function is sound triggered; and has the option of mounting its camera on the ceiling. In addition, the DBPOWER video baby monitor also supports SD cards of 32GB maximum; not to mention a whopping display screen of 4.3 inches!

Lastly, is a review and comparison of the Babebay Video Baby Monitor with 3.5″ Large LCD Screen Night Vision Camera, 2-way Talk, Temperature Sensor, and ECO Mode and Long Transmission Range against the VTech VM346 video baby monitor.

You should know the Babebay video baby monitor have a short maximum range of 150 to 200 compared to the VTech VM346, which is 1,000 ft. range; its battery life is around 9.5 hours, which makes it approximately 30 minutes less than VTech VM346 that’s 10 hours.

The screen display sits at 3.5 inches, which is 1 inch more than the screen size of VTech VM346 that’s 3.4 inches; and it’s equipped with wireless digital technology of 2.4GHz for the security and safety of your baby.

It comes with 4 lullabies while VTech VM346 is preloaded with 5 lullabies and 4 ambient sounds and it lacks many of the features and functionalities compared to VTech VM346 video baby monitor.

My final analysis and rating based on the review and comparison of the three above explored video baby monitors against the VTech VM346 video baby monitor is 9.0 out of 10.

My overall rating is based on the brands long-time establishment and experience in its respective market industry; the complete package of benefits, features, functionality, performance, and competitive price linked to this baby monitor, including its pros and cons.

However, I am surprisingly impressed with the features and functionality that comes with the DBPOWERS digital video baby monitor that VTech VM346 video baby monitor does not have.

Benefits of VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor

There is no question, VTech completely acknowledges your family as their number one priority, which is one of the key reasons they design baby monitors with several amazing benefits. Because of this, it will make your parenting life less stressful and much easier.

When you decide to choose the VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor expect such benefits as noted below:

Happier Baby –  When your baby needs to hear your voice, you can sooth and comfort him or her from almost anywhere, because of the feature for two-way, talk back. In addition, to using the preloaded lullabies that can serenade your baby to sleep, along with the night lights.

Mental Freedom – There’s nothing better than knowing your baby is happy and safe because you can not only see him or her on your 4.3-inch LCD display screen, but you can also hear the adorable sounds of your baby.


Amazon Online Star Rating & Price for VTech VM346 Bear Video Monitor
Amazon Online Star Rating & Price for VTech VM346 Bear Video Monitor


Images – When it comes to creating memories, we know it can happen in seconds. Visualize and imagine capturing those unfrogettable moments and viewing them later as your baby gets older.

Absolute Convenience – You have the convenience with of the VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor to freely go from one area to another within your home or even outside your home and always stay connected to your baby. Allowing you an operating range of up to 1,000 feet outdoors or 160 feet indoors.

Pros & Cons of VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor  


  • Allows you the convenience to do activities in other locations within the home and not remain in your baby’s nursery, while he or she is asleep
  • Additional 3 camera expandability
  • Eye catching bear designed camera
  • Digital secure transmission that eliminates camera hacking
  • Crystalline video
  • Intercom for two-way, talk back
  • Monitor linked to temperature
  • Option available for sensitivity setting
  • 1,000 ft. range maximum
  • Option to alter the level of brightness
  • LCD screen sits at 4.3 inches in size
  • Camera with preloaded lullabies
  • Notification alerts for temperature, out of range, vibraton, sound, including battery
  • Feature for dim mode setting
  • Wall mountable camera
  • Optional multiple viewing
  • Activation setting for sound
  • Zoom-in, Zoom-out feature
  • Night vision
  • Effortless set-up
  • Parent unit and baby unit are paired
  • Screen is sound activated
  • Temperature display reflecting real-time
  • Comes with rechargeable battery


  • As with any electronic gadgets, you should understand they will not always function and perform 100% perfect. But you should expect it to function properly most of the time.
  • No tilt

Product Technical Specifications for VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor

Power Criteria                                                                                                                  

  • Power adapter for parent unit: Output – 5V DC @ 1A
  • Power adapter for baby unit: Output – 5V DC @ 1A
  • Parent unit: Li- polymer battery consist of 3.7V

Frequency Control

  • PLL Synthesizer that’s crystal controlled

Nominal Effective Range

  • FCC and IC allows maximum power. Based on environmental conditions during time of utilizing the product, the true range of operating may differ.

Transit Frequency

  • Parent unit and baby unit each has 2406 thru 2475 MHz


  • Comes in color and sitting @ 4.3 inches with WQCGA and a pixel of 480 x 272


  • Consist of 24

Conclusion of VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor Review

To sum up, the review of VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor touched on several important points such as the product functionality and features to my comparison of several likewise baby video monitors to the VTech VM346 that assisted with my final analysis in determining my overall rating.

Not only that but also information was provided on the benefits of VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor, the Pros and Cons of this video baby monitor, and of course the technical specifications for VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor.

Hopefully, you found my review on the VTech VM346 Bear Video Baby Monitor beneficial and informative, to assist you in making an informed decision about the best video baby monitor that will fulfill your baby and family safety and security needs.

I welcome all questions and concerns you may have, including your comments that are most important to me. Please know, I will gladly and kindly provide you with a response.

All the best,


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  1. I was searching for a baby monitor just a few months ago and I didn’t know where to start. So smart to start with looking at the brands and their legitimacy.

    This was an extensive review, would have loved a chart of the benefits, features, functionality, performance, and competitive price. It would have been easier to compare it to the other ones you’re writing about.

    1. Hello,

      Miss Momo I am glad to hear you found my extensive baby monitor review helpful. Yes, this review would have been great for you to compare and contrast against the one’s you were looking at during your search for a baby monitor. 

      I agree that brands makes a big difference because when conducting research it tells you about their origination into their respective market industry and how long they have been around and delivering their products to consumers. 

      In most cases, when brands have been around for quite a while, it tells us their length of experience about the development of their products, as with anything else if we look at like that.

      Thank you for commenting on my review and I hope you visit my website again for more to come, including spread the word about my site to your family and frieds. I do appreciate your support.


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