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Ms. D-AnnTaylor Coleman

Ms. Deborah Taylor Coleman

Welcome to “My Baby Safety Essentials.” My website was created out of my desire and hunger of wanting to become an entrepreneur. Not only that but also to educate moms about the different brands and models of baby monitors, their use, and benefits.

In doing so, will assist parents with making an informed decision about most appropriate baby monitor that will suit not only their baby needs but their overall family need.

My determination of owning my own business grew even stronger after recently obtaining a Masters in Business Administration/Human Resource Management (MBA/HRM).

Initially, I conducted research for several months on ideas and ways of how I could launch an online business.  After doing so and talking with professional associates I know and  who have successful businesses in the online arena, finally I was convinced based on research and numerous discussions with like minded people, that launching an online business was the path to take to owning a successful business online.

Not only that but I also received feedback from other individuals who are in the online world of marketing who also assisted me in making my final decision. Results of my decision came the launching of  my website “My Baby Safety Essentials.”

Who am I

I grew up in the delta of Mississippi with very little and I do mean very little and at times found this discouraging. I am the 2nd to the oldest of six other siblings. I was raised by my single mother who had the inner strength and mentality of a warrior and a heart that was big and giving.

My mother is who I credit for molding me into becoming this intelligent, strong, highly confident, no nonsense, caring, determined, self-motivated, hardworking, and yes dependent on self woman, who I have become today.

Oh yes, I grew up poor and have even experienced chopping cotton in fields to buy school clothes. Imagine that, I am sure many of you cannot begin to relate but that’s ok.

Sunset Over Mississippi Delta Cotton Field-Hurricane Isaac….   

Mississippi Delta Cotton Field-Hurricane Isaac....   
Sunset Over Mississippi Delta Cotton Field-Hurricane Isaac….

I understand some us have an easier life than others and favored more than others but some of us have a continuous fight to achieve what we deserve in a world filled with judgemental people who think they know you.

Deborah in the Mississippi Delta – Teenager

Deborah-Down in the Delta of Mississippi
Deborah in the Mississippi Delta – Teenager

Personally, I am in the category of people who have to continue fighting and proving themself to others who think they know you. Hey, but that’s ok from my perspective because I will continue to strive for what I deserve regardless of what anyone may think of my ability to achieve. They cannot define who I am or control my path of life. That’s between me and God.

I never worry about what people think of me – that’s there personal opinion. Why? Because whether you are doing good or bad for yourself, someone will always have something to say. Not only that but I KNOW WHO I AM as a person.

Deborah in the Mississippi Delta – Early 20’s

 Deborah in the Mississippi Delta - Early 20's
Deborah in the Mississippi Delta – Early 20’s

Therefore, other people cannot define who I am because they have not lived my life or walked in my shoes. They can only make assumptions based on what they think they know or heard someone say.

That’s why I’m here launching MY business, in pursuit of success in this online arena I believe will lead to financial freedom; freedom as an individual to answer to myself, and determine my own work hours as an entrepreneur.

YES,  “My Baby Safety Essentials” was  Launched 

Start My Own Business
YES,  “My Baby Safety Essentials” was  Launched

However, when people look at my external appearance and how I carry myself, they see someone different from my story. I can take this story deeper than chopping cotton but I will leave you all with only that and save the rest for my book I am going to write/publish in the near future, which is another goal of mine; stay tune.

Growing Up in the Mississippi Delta

Nevertheless, growing up in Mississippi with basically nothing was the motivation that inspired me to work hard, dream big, and strive for more with hopes of owning my own business one day. I could not foresee what that business was going to be at the time but I knew and I was aware that it would involve helping people.

Cleveland, MS
Growing Up in the Mississippi Delta

Not only that but I was also aware there was an enormous world out there that entailed trillions of dollars and uncountable ways to get it. Therefore, I said to self, I just want to earn enough money to live comfortable and save for rainy days, including enjoy life and occasionally travel to places I’ve never been.

Around the age of 11 years old I found myself always playing with the basketball. I don’t know why but for some reason I enjoyed it. From then on I would go to the basketball court in the area where we lived after we moved into an area that had a basketball goal and would go dribble and shoot for hours at a time none stop nearly every day.

One day while at the court shooting basketball my oldest sister best friend came to me and asked if I was interested in playing basketball for a team and at that time I was only 5th grade. I said yes and asked why.

My sisters best friend said, I want to take you to meet the junior high school coach, which she did within the next week. I was introduced to coach, who gave me the ball and said, show me a lay up. I took off full speed down the court and did a lay up.

Coach asked, if I could start coming to practice with her junior high girls. I said my mom do not have a car so I do not have transportation. Coach said, if you can get to practice I will take you home.

Every now and then I managed to get a ride to the gym but for the most part I did not have transportation on a consistent basis to get to the gym; therefore, I had no choice but to wait until 7th grade when I was in junior high to start playing (schools differ now in some States where junior high or middle school starts with 6th grade) for the basketball team.

However, I continued going to the court constantly working on my dribbling and shooting. There was nothing else to do and I enjoyed every minute of it. I could not wait to begin junior high school. Once I experienced dribbling and shooting on that big shiny basketball court, the possibility of my dream became even more achievable.

Trying out for the basketball team never crossed my mind until my oldest sister best friend shared this information with me and took me to meet the coach. She obviously saw something in me and wanted to help.

I made the junior high basketball team and was one of the five starters even though I was the shortest and smallest player on the team. I worked hard and practiced more than others to ensure I kept my starting position, which I did. Eventually, when entering high school I did the same by starting my freshman year and onward.

While in high school during junior year, we had a big game that involved playing one of our rivalry teams and the opposing coach was aware of the key players on our team just as we did for his team. The opposing coach had a plan of attack to shut my game down by having two girls defend me.

I was too quick and could not be stopped. I could dribble all day, stamina level was ready, had a killer freeze in the air jump shot, and my defensive game was also on point. My coach made sure her girls physical fitness level was ready (lots of suicides, running, running, running, and running). She did not allow walking on the basketball court and  if any of us did, we found ourselves on the BENCH.

My High School - Home of the Trojans
East Side High School

The opposing coach finally realized his plan of attack was not effective on me, so he had his girls double up on defense up against another one of our key players, which was my big girl who played down low. My center had skills but the defender from the other team, in addition to the other defender was not allowing her no space to shoot — defense was tight!

I could not even get a lob pass to her and certainly not an inside bounce pass because the defenders were towers and they were closely defending her. Not to mention their tight zone defense was not allowing many bounce passes in the paint.

My other big girl was a pretty good player but sometimes we could not depend on her shot and that game was one of those times. I kept penetrating the ball too her but she could not make the basket, her shot was off that night and it was a BIG game for us because we were on a winning streak.

We were undefeated at that time and the opposing team game record was impressive as well. They had only two losses, which was the result of one their key players not available to play because of an injury. Therefore, my mentality was, we cannot lose just yet.

The bleachers were packed and I could hear ongoing cheering and rooting from the crowd. My forward guards or shooting guards could not get a shot off because of the tight defense from the opposing team.  Therefore,  I had to quickly come up with a way to solve this problem my team and I was faced with, which was losing.

I did the only thing I knew to do, I took charge as leaders do and started pulling up, shooting my freeze in the air jump shot, including driving in the paint drawing fouls to get to the free throw line. Coach did not like me shooting too much but that night was an exception and she did not say nothing about me shooting more than usual.

East Side High School - Basketball Game Time
East Side High School – Basketball Court

My adrenaline that night was high and the roaring from the crowd in the gym was off the richter scale and it motivated me even more to do what was needed for our team to win. I don’t know why to this day but I played much better under pressure, always did!

That was the most challenging and pressuring basketball game I played while in high school. Overall results, my team came out with the win, resulting in my game high of 33 points and I was 5’2.” By the time we got out of school for the Christmas break we were  22-0.

High School Basketball Highest Scoring Game, Check it Out!!

High School Basketball Highest Scoring Game, Check it Out!!
Deborah’s High School Basketball Highest Scoring Game, Check it Out!!

I had a bad high school basketball coach (inductee into the hall fame for most high school wins (809-192) and also a tough middle school coach, who actually had us ready for entrance into high school level of basketball .

Case in point, problem solving in many ways is somewhat linked to helping others; whether it is for yourself, team members, siblings, coworkers, customers, or someone you do not know.

One of my goals for my customers visiting my site with the possibility of making a purchase is to find a solution to the questions they pose, so they are confident about their decision to make a purchase.

I enjoy solving problems, writing, and sharing relevant and valid information with people and for me it comes quite naturally.

If I can provide relevant information to someone as well as recommendations about what product they should purchase or which direction to go concerning a particular situation or whatever the case maybe, I am going to conduct research to find a valid solution if I am not knowledgeable about the topic.

This is why I launched “My Baby Safety Essentials.” One of my goals is to provide my customers with the most relevant information and recommendations on baby monitors and any other baby safety essential products that interest them on my website.

When you answer your customers questions with valid and honest answers, you are solving their problems to a certain degree, giving them the assurance they need to purchase your products, including tell others.

Moving on, I am a single parent of two children, a son who is the oldest and a daughter; I’ve been married/divorced once.

My Children – Da’Shone & Dalyiah

My Children - Da'Shone & Dalyiah
My Children – Da’Shone & Dalyiah                        

Deborah’s Residential Move to Texas & Work History

Relocated to Texas in 1999 and have been working in local state government since 2007. My work experience entails working in manufacturing and telemarketing, to currently working with various applications and training law enforcement officials within the entire State of Texas on how to use the CRASH application for completing crash reports and submitting them electronically.

In addition, I also train law enforcement officials on Configuring their agency users, managing their users, granting user roles, setting up their profile, and passwords, as well as editing, and deleting them, etc.

Additionally, I have finance experience linked to processing checks and money orders, reconciling balances of checks/money orders,  and returning checks to customers.

Current Employer -TxDOT

Current Employer -TxDOT
Current Employer -TxDOT

Not only that but also I have customer service experience, which is a plus; experience in the legal area such as handling subpoenas, affidavits, and open records requests.

I am experienced in writing letters, writing processes for job tasks, conducting research and performing data analysis. I am knowledgeable in business administration, psychology, human services management, and human resource management.

Over the past 6 years, while working full-time, I obtained an Associate of Psychology (AA), Bachelor of Science in Human Services Management (BSHS/M), and Master of Business Administration/Human Resource Management (MBA/HRM), which I received in July 2017. I attained all three degrees from University of Phoenix (UOP).

Long-term Commitment Achieved –  Deborah’s MBA Degree

Deborah's Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree
Deborah’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree

The journey have been challenging, long, and a battle at the same time but it also kept me motivated and determined to continue striving to achieve my goals and dreams. The journey continues, more to come!

“A person who has no dreams or goals, have nothing to look forward to accomplishing in the future.”

A Sense of Security and Mental Freedom

As a parent of two children myself, I recall purchasing various types of baby safety products, such as baby monitors in particular to ensure their safety, which in return gave me assurance and confidence in knowing my child was secure and safe.

Knowing my baby was safely being monitored allowed for self-time to just relax or complete other needed tasks.

Freedom to Answer to No One But Self

Freedom to Answer to No One But Self

As a first time parent or repeat parent, customers are seeking the best baby monitors for their child that are of good quality, reliable, and with minimum interference that many of them pick up from other electronic devices. Sometimes it is a challenge for parents to find and choose the right baby monitor that is suitable for their needs.

Therefore, my goal is to help parents choose the correct baby monitor that is the most appropriate for their needs by providing numerous options to select from with the most relevant and up-to-date information linked to them.

Not only that but also providing information of recommendations with supporting evidence based on reviews from other parents and other valid information, is extremely helpful to parents who have their first child.

I want parents to have satisfaction and certainty in knowing the information I provide for recommendation on any baby monitor or other baby safety essential product on my website they may purchase, will be the most suitable to meet their needs.

Mission, Vision, and Goals
Mission, Vision, and Goals

Mission, Vision, and Goals

Mission – To provide relevant content  that educate parents about various baby monitors and other baby safety essential products.

In addition to recommending secure and reliable baby safety essential products to assist customers in making an informed decision about the most suitable baby monitor or other baby safety essential product for their baby and family needs.

In doing so, will give my customers a feeling of security and certainty, including freedom of knowing their child is safe, allowing them a comfort level to do other activities worry free.

Vision – To be one of the top-notch online businesses in the world that provides customers with an array of reliable and high quality baby safety essential products, that is cost competitive in its respective marketing industry. Promote a high level of customer service and seek new ways of innovation.

Goals – Seek various ways to promote and market baby safety essential products to increase online traffic to my website that leads to potential increased sales, resulting in increased profits before December 2018 but no later than March 2019. Strive to provide feedback to all complaints made or inquiries posted by the customers within 48 hours, including provide a resolution.

Any assistance you may need or questions you may have, please do not hesitate to post them below. I am more than willing to provide you with any needed help or answer your questions.

All the best,