DBPOWER Digital Video Baby Monitor, What? You Haven’t Heard…

For one thing, the company DBPOWER is not known or recognized as one of the top brands for developing baby monitors. The DBPOWER Electronics Company is located in Pune, India and was established around the year of 1973.

Nevertheless, it’s clear the company produces high quality and dependable baby monitors based on 1,000’s of high rating reviews from consumers who have purchased and utilized the product.

They are not identified as one of the top contenders in their respective market industry, but they are strong contenders in the baby monitor market arena.

Parents you should be informed of the company overall objective, which is to focus on providing consumers with high quality electronics, such as DVD players; smart phone accessories; and IP cameras.

Not to mention, the Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and headsets; and products related to solar power, among many more. Not only that but there focus also includes enhancing the quality of existing products, including the development of new ones.

The company has a known high-level status world-wide for producing in-demand high-quality products.

Not only that but also you should know DBPOWER electronic products are sold by Nova Tech US, which they have been in the business since 1986 and their international office is stationed in Houston of the northeast corner. Nova Tech is a trusted quality brand for over 17,000 American customers.

DBPOWER Digital Sound Activated Video Record Baby Monitor 

Given, the history of DBPOWER Electronics, as discussed in the previous paragraphs, parents I believe some of you probably find it quite surprising to learn their baby monitors have become a trusted quality brand for 1000’s of their customers within the United States (US). Nevertheless, let’s review what the DBPOWER baby monitor is all about.

First off, parents you should know this baby monitor is trouble-free when it comes to setup. Its interface is linked to the parent unit that’s battery operated and is rechargeable, which comes with a user-friendly interface. It also has a maximum of nine (9) hours of battery life.

It also comes loaded with several smart features, such as LED lights that’s sound activated; lullabies; a monitor that detects the temperature of the room, including an alert; a nightlight; and a two-way talk back feature.

This baby monitor is equipped with a digital video recording (DVR) function that automatically triggers the DVR function when a sound is made. It is also compatible with TF card and supports up to 32GB.

Not only that but also it is loaded with other options you can use, such as pan, tilt, or zoom and you can mount the camera on the ceiling or wall or in a standing position to get enhanced viewing.

Parents the distance for range transmission is at a maximum of 1000 ft., that is, with no obstructions and line of insight. It has the 2.4GHz FHSS for secure privacy to protect your baby.

Additionally, the DBPOWER video baby monitor supports a total of 4 cameras and can monitor whatever is going on at the same time for all 4 cameras using the split screen feature. It also has an alert warning that beeps, which is linked to the volume that you can turn off or turn down.

Explore the Advanced DBPOWER Digital Video Recording Baby Monitoring System

Next, is the video recording system, which allows you to record each precious moment of your baby that you can look back at later or share with your love ones and friends.

You can put this function into action by manually video recording or you can video record your baby automatically that’s set off by sound activation through the DVR function.

So, even when you are not in the home with your baby, you will still capture those priceless moments. Talk about a baby monitor that offers more than others; well this is it!

The LCD color screen is sitting at 4.3 inches and comes with a resolution of 640*480 pixel, including lights that are sound-activated. Parents this gives you the ability to see any commotion, crying or fussing your baby is doing.

Oh yes, the night vision comes with a light sensor that automatically recognizes the conditions of light as well as night and day time mode.

And in the dark, you can visibly see your baby up to a maximum of 15 feet with extended vision during the night hours. WOW! How can parents not like these advanced features.

DBPOWER Digital Sound Activated Video Record Baby Monitor
DBPOWER Digital Sound Activated Video Record Baby Monitor

In addition, it also has a two-way talk back advanced feature that comes loaded with an advanced microphone that’s built-in, including a speaker.

Parents you don’t get to just deliver voice communication to your baby, but you can see what’s going on with your little one as well.

Also, the DBPOWER video baby monitor has a setting allowing you to alter the level for the volume alert that starts at 0 and increases up to 6, which you can use to up the warning that sets off a beeping sound to alert you perhaps if you are busy doing other activities around the home or simply relaxing; but you have the option to also turn it off.

As for the pan, tilt, and zoom remote advanced feature, it provides you with extended view, which allows you to capture 95% of your baby’s entire nursery.

And because the speaker has volume control, it gives you the choice of setting the voice volume and lullabies from your parent unit.

Additionally, this advanced baby monitor comes with multi-camera browse and it’s supportive of auto-scanning, including split screen mode.

You can manually switch several paired cameras from auto-scanning mode to split screen but if you want to see smooth images I recommend you set it to auto scan mode.

Imagine having all these advance features linked to one video baby monitor that fulfills your overall family needs. How can you not want it? It is a total win-win for your baby and your family.

Synopsis of DBPOWER Digital Sound Activated Video Record Baby Monitor

As has been noted, the DBPOWER Digital Video Baby Monitor comes with several standard features in addition to many other advanced ones that most of the top brands are not equipped with, such as the Digital Video Recording (DVR).

Also, the auto-scanning linked to the pan/tilt/zoom feature offers you extended view allowing you to capture 95% of your baby’s nursery, including the two-way talk with the built-in microphone along with much more.

Parents this video baby monitor is one of the most feature loaded, advanced and well-designed baby monitors available compared to some of the leading top video baby monitors available to date and it comes at an unbelievable price for such advanced features.

This baby monitor is equipped with pretty much all the bells and whistles you need, to provide your baby with the safety and security he or she needs as well as for yourself. I have no doubt this baby monitor will give you peace of mind and the freedom you need to do other activities.

Therefore, I highly recommend you put the DBPOWER Digital Sound Activated Video Record Baby Monitor on your list of baby essentials as a must have.

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