Willcare Upgraded DBM-8 Audio Baby Monitor – But, what is ECO (VOX)?

The Willcare Upgraded DBM-8 Two Way Audio Baby Monitor among other baby products as well as personal care products, is delivered by WillCare, an online retail corporation.

The company is fairly new to the baby products industry, considering it has only been around since 2016. The company delivers its product to consumers on a global level.

Willcare is dedicated to ensuring your baby including the users, experience an atmosphere that’s safe and reliable, as well as cozy.

Willcare corporation holds themselves to a high-standard when it comes to providing its customers with assistance. And they expect the end results to be most satisfying for their customers.

I have to say, companies that provide top-notch customer service to their consumers, can count on them to more than likely make future purchases as a returning customer. “How do you rank customer service?”

Features of the Willcare Upgraded DBM-8 Audio Baby Monitor

Despite the fact this Willcare audio baby monitor is basic and unbelievably inexpensive, it is also reliable considering the outstanding 2.4GHZ wireless technology it uses, that possibly will provide your baby with a connection that’s exceptionally secure with a private signal that’s safe.

The wireless technology will maintain a secret and secure transmission.

Also, the audio baby monitor is equipped with a microphone that’s designed to eliminate the reduction of noise, providing a clear crystalline sound as well as the removal of interference such as static or maybe white noises.

Not only that but also you can find the talk-back feature linked to the parent unit, potentially allowing you more freedom in regards to caring for your baby, including having the ability to use your voice tone to sooth your baby when needed.


 Willcare Upgraded DBM-8 Baby Monitor with Two-Way Audio, Smooth Night Light, Rechargeable Battery Operated Parent Unit & Long Range, DBM-8 2.0. (White)
Willcare Upgraded DBM-8 Audio Baby Monitor

In addition, your baby unit comes with a night light you can use to also sooth your baby when it is dark.

And you have the ability to remotely control the button for the on/off night light that’s found on your baby unit as well as the parent unit.

Hence, you should keep in mind the parent unit doesn’t have a night light on top of it.

Now, the range for operating outside of your home is up to 1000 ft. but indoors its around 160 ft.

The parent unit is loaded with a battery of 600mAh and is rechargeable and the life of the battery can extend to 20 hrs.

This means if you decided to leave the home to perhaps run errands;  you can also take the parent unit with you anywhere you go and unplug it for a maximum use of up to 20 hrs.

What is Exactly a Audio Baby Monitor with ECO (VOX)?

Well, ECO (VOX) is a setting mode you can activate linked to the baby monitor that’s activated by pressing the power button twice, which will jumps start this mode.

So, let’s say you are in your baby room, now if the noise level is below 40 decibels (dB) and above 20 seconds, the smart ECO (VOX) feature will enable and because of this the noise from the background will be eliminated.

But when the loudness of the noise goes above 40 dB the monitor will awake.

Generally speaking, 10 dB is the sound level of breathing, while 44 dB is the sound level of bird calls; and 60 dB is the sound level of a human’s voice. Without error, it will tell you precisely when a sound is made by your baby.

Imagine only hearing sounds that are TRULY coming from your baby, rather than hearing sounds you thought you heard.

When using this mode, it’s recommended you manually turn the settings on/off. I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the smart ECO (VOX) feature, it’s a great incentive.

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11 Benefits You Get with Willcare Upgraded DBM-8 Audio Baby Monitor

Moving on, we know baby monitors are not only used to monitor babies, but they are beneficial for other uses such as the below. Let’s see what benefits Willcare Audio Baby Monitor have to offer.

  • You can use the Willcare Upgraded DBM-8 Audio Monitor outside
  • You get the ECO (VOX) mode feature for reducing noise, which other baby monitors do not have this feature. A plus plus!
  • You get a built in rechargeable battery that’s designed into the parent unit
  • You get a belt clip that gives you the optionn of keeping the parent unit with you; allowing you to work on other tasks
  • You get a night light that can be used for soothing your baby during the night hours, which you can remotely control the on and off button to the night light from the baby unit or parent
  • You get a battery life that’s long
  • You get an operating range that’s long of up to 160 ft. outside and 1000ft inside
  • You get the 2.4GHZ wireless technology for private and secure transmission
  • You get the smart ECO (VOX) feature that many other baby monitors aren’t equipped with just yet
  • You get a rechargeable battery linked to the parent unit
  • You get the two-way talk-back feature equipped with a microphone allowing you to talk with your baby at anytime

Overall Analysis of the Willcare Upgraded DBM-8 Audio Baby Monitor

To finalize, there was information discussed and provided about the origin of WillCare company as well as the many features the WillCare Upgraded DBM-8 Audio Baby Monitor is equipped with.

I explained what the smart ECO (VOX) feature mode entails, including the amazing 11 benefits this audio baby monitor is loaded with.

I honestly have to say the Willcare Upgraded DBM-8 Audio Baby Monitor offers a wide range of features and comes with some remarkable benefits of which many of the top brand audio baby monitors do not have.

And on top of these spectacular features and benefits, the baby monitor is extremely priced below its worth/value and is affordable to parents on a very tight budget.

If you are looking for an audio baby monitor that’s low cost (under $30 taxes not included) and of good quality, offering a broad range of features as well as unbeatable benefits, I recommend getting the Willcare Upgraded DBM-8 Audio Baby Monitor now.

This baby monitor will provide the safety and security your baby needs, including your family needs.

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As always, I hope you enjoyed the read and gain a bit of knowledge about the Willcare Upgraded DBM-8 Audio Baby Monitor, you perhaps wasn’t aware of.

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