Baby Monitor Brands – A Selection of Quality & Reliable Options

There is no debate the baby monitor market industry is flooded with baby monitors offered in various brands. However, among those different brands are some of the best quality baby monitor models, designed by a number of well-known brands that have established and solidified, including sustained their existence in their respective market industry for quite some time.

To name a few, these well-known brands consist of a selection that is comprised of the Vtech brand, Infant Optics brand, Angelcare brand, and the iBaby brand, in addition to others.

Parents have several top-rated baby monitor brands as well as models linked to them, which they can choose to purchase that offers safety, security, high quality, including reliability for their baby needs and overall entire family.

Popular Baby Monitor
Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor

Unfortunately, sometimes it is challenging for parents to decide on which brand product to purchase when there are so many competitive ones. I can absolutely relate.

For example, I have found myself trying to decide about which athletic shoe brand I should purchase when shopping for my daughter a pair of sneakers.

I hesitated and debated with myself on whether I should go with Nike brand, Adidas, or Reebok becasue they all are top brands.

As time evolved, to avoid wasting timing debating with myself, I now ask myself questions such as, “What is my defined spending budget, if I have one?” “What do my daughter need (or is this a want – there is a difference) the sneakers for, i.e. running or cross training for her athletics class in school, perhaps comfort and support, or style wear?” “What brand interest me most or prefer over the others?”

Parents who may find themselves unsure of which baby monitor brand and model to purchase, I highly recommend asking yourselves similar questions as stated above in the analogy provided, about which baby monitor brand you should decide to go with based on your child needs as well as yourselves.

Parents, you will find the process of making your final decision less stressful, time consuming, and more efficient.

Vtech Brand Baby Monitors

Unarguably, the Vtech Brand have proven its worthiness based on several reasons concerning why parents should highly consider purchasing a VTech brand baby monitor.

One reason is the VTech brand have been in existence since 1976 and remains to solidify their space in the market industry as the biggest manufacturer globally of cordless telephones.

Not only that but parents, this is why you should also know they are designing and manufacturing quality top-rated baby monitors, as a result of their long-time extensive experience.

Therefore parents, Vtech is highly experienced in developing, designing, and manufacturing quality products for its customers.

Vtech is open to their consumers feedback or input regarding the development of their products because they see YOU as the source so they can provide you with the right model of top baby monitors for your continuous baby needs.

In addition, parents you should also know that Vtech brand products are eco-friendly and they have wonderful and friendly customer service agents who are ready and willing to assist you with any questions you may have. Vtech also have an area on their website for their customers to provide comments.

Vtech baby monitors offer several different types, such as the   Wi-Fi baby monitor, video baby monitor, and audio baby monitor; in addition, to an engaging selection of nearly 60 baby monitor models for parents to choose from, depending on their baby needs and themselves.

Parents, I suggest including the Vtech brand in your line up of options, when deciding which baby monitor brand to choose.

Infant Optics Brand Baby Monitors

Given that Infant Optics brand have been producing high quality top of the line baby monitors since their arrival in the market industry around 2011, the brand has been identified as one of the leaders in its respective market, when it comes to developing and manufacturing their products.

Parents you should know the Infant Optics brand focus is on providing their customers with the most enhanced capabilities to date.

Parents who are interested in purchasing a baby monitor of the infant optics brand should know infant optics customer service are live agents and not automated answering services.

One of their goals is provide their customers with answers who have questions or need assistance concerning their infant optics brand baby monitor in a more traditonal way.

The Infant Optics brand have an ongoing process in place for product improvement, which they take feedback from their customers into consideration for improvement of their products.

Infant Optics, only specializes in the arena of non-Wi-Fi baby monitors. Parents should know Infant optics brand is responsible for the creation of the first interchangeable lens worldwide and offer two models.

The first infant optics model is the Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor that is accompanied with eight features. The second infant optics model is the Infant Optics DXR-5 baby monitor.

Parents should know both Infant Optics video monitors are portable. I recommend parents consider the Infant Optics brand in their selection of options, since it is one of the top brand baby monitors.

Angelcare Brand Baby Monitors

Continuing, Angelcare was founded in 1997 and lead the way in its respective market industry on a worldwide spectrum in almost 60 countries.

They have an awarding winning line up in baby care products, angelcare movement baby monitors, and diaper disposal systems. Angelcare commitment is focused on assisting babies with safely thriving and providing parents with the same thing they want for their families, that is, peace of mind.

The brand also ensures their angelcare baby monitors are innovation driven, consist of advanced technologies, and are involved in ongoing product improvement.

The safety driven approach Angelcare has taken, helped define the standards in the market industry of infant care. In doing so, they have provided parents worldwide with confidence of assurance.

The brand offers the angelcare movement baby monitor, angelcare sound baby monitor, and the angelcare video baby monitor models of which parents can select among.

iBaby Brand Baby Monitors

Next, we have the birth of the iBaby brand, which was founded in Mountain View and arrived in its respective market industry around the year of 2011.

Their vision is to enhance the lives of families by altering the usual way of baby monitoring to a more modern way. As a result, they iBaby have eradicated the range criteria that extended connection to any location, linked to Internet enabled access tablets, computers, or smart phones.

Offering the first of its type, that is, the iBaby monitors with the use of a mobile platform known as the Apple iOS integrated with cloud technology, allows parents the capability of staying connected anywhere with their baby.

Parents interested in the iBaby brand baby monitors, should know that arrangement of this setup is without difficulty and can be completed with any enabled iOS device; in addition, to a preexisting Wi-Fi network that has Internet connection.

Parents will not have to deal with the hassle of a process that entails extended installation. The iBaby brand offers the iBaby monitor M6T model and iBaby monitor M6S model.

Parents, I suggest most definitely considering the iBaby brand baby monitors in your selection of otpions before making your final decision.

Summary of Baby Monitor Brands

As shown above, the various baby monitor brands such as, the Vtech brand, Infant Optics, Angelcare, and iBaby are some of the best baby monitor brands that design and manufacture various baby monitor models in their respective market industry.

All of these baby monitor brands have been established in the market industry for many years and have extensive experience in the development of producing and manufacturing some of the most safe and reliable baby monitors available.

Parents if you are seeking an audio baby monitor, video baby monitor, iBaby monitor, Wi-Fi baby monitor, or movement baby monitor for the security and safety of your baby and self, including
one that is reliable and suitable for your baby needs, I recommend choosing from one of the baby monitor brands discussed.

All the best,