iBaby Monitor – Have You Seen the “New Features” for M2S Plus Model?

In view of, iBaby initial public launch in 2011, you should know that thousands of parents, including some well-respected media channels give high praises to iBaby products.

And at iBaby’s current standings, the brand continues to get awards for numerous of its baby monitors of the highest standard.

Not only that but also much different from other Internet devices authorized by video surveillance that involves a timely process of installing.

The setup of iBaby monitors you can do with any Internet authorized iOS gadget as well as a Wi-Fi network that already exists and very easily.

By using the mobile platform for Apple iOS joined with cloud technology,  this will allow you to remain connected to your child no matter where you are located.

iBaby Monitor M2S Plus
“NEW” iBaby Monitor M2S Plus

One of iBaby focus is to always strive to innovate in a way that’s smart, so you can care as well as interact with your baby from any location in the world.

Therefore, how about continuing to the paragraphs that follow and learn what the new iBaby Monitor M2S Plus is all about?

Now, let’s go!

The “New” iBaby Monitor M2S Plus Amazing Features Unlike Any Other Baby Monitor

With no further delay, the new iBaby Monitor M2S Plus is a baby monitor system that sets itself apart from the rest.

To add, it’s well-equipped with all the bells and whistles, yet designed in a compact like structure.

Parents your location can be in Spain, California, China or anywhere worldwide for that matter.

Rest assured with the app for iBaby Care monitoring system, you will have the capability to care, play, or simply enjoy talking to your baby, regardless of your whereabouts!

Wow, imagine that, connecting with your baby from anywhere in world…remarkable!

To make the iBaby monitor M2S Plus even more irresistible for you, it comes with a video resolution of 1080p combined with zoom.

Also, you get lullabies ranging from jazzy to classical tunes for your baby.

Along with stories as well as sounds varying from white noise to animals of the forest.

Baby Boy Snuggly Sleeping
Aww, Baby Boy Snuggly Sleeping

The alert notifications come in the form of stories and sounds; and audio that’s 2-way, which does not require external speakers.

At bedtime to help with your baby development of his or her language as well as increase their imaginations, you can read them stories.

Imagine that! Your baby is learning at an early age, which will put them ahead of the other babies who will be in their peer group.

Oh yes, can’t forget about the sensors that detect the humidity level and temperature in your baby room.

Not to mention the 1080p resolution along with zoom and infrared night vision.

These features will allow you to see your baby even in the dark and count on seeing him or her crystalline clear.

No worries when it comes to the safety and security of your baby.

You should know that most iBaby monitoring systems use the 2.4 GHz frequencies.

Although some utilize the 5 GHz considering that many homes have both or the mentioned frequencies linked to their Wi-Fi network.

In addition to that, iBaby have a three-layer security in place to maintain a secure connection, which is linked from the app, monitor, and then their servers.

As you’ve learned, iBaby is loaded with a nice selection of features that comes only with iBaby products.

8 Benefits With the “New” iBaby Monitor M2S Plus 

–  You can access the iBaby monitor from any location

–  You not only get preloaded lullabies as you do with most other          baby monitors but with iBaby you also get various sounds and          stories; imagine that!

–  You have the option to invite as many users as you like;                          yesssss….no limit!

–  You can only allow up to four (4) other people, such as your                  mother, sister, aunt, or a friend to view those special moments          of your baby with you

–  You can utilize any smart gadget to access your iBaby monitor          but when on the move you can change to your 4G network

–  You have the option to link your personal music collection for            your baby to hear

–  You will receive alerts on your mobile device from the iBaby                monitor, including photos, and recorded videos so you can view        precisely what your little kiddo is up to when you motion                      sensors or sound is activated

–  It comes with 2.4 GHz frequencies, in addition to iBaby three-            layer security linked to the app, monitor, and their servers

Key Points Discussed on the “New” iBaby Monitor M2S Plus

For the most part, you’ve learned a bit of history about the origination of the iBaby brand to the new iBaby Monitor M2S Plus.

To include, several incredible features it offers, which you will not find with any other baby monitor on the market.

And it comes loaded with at least 8 unbeatable benefits any parent would love to have for their baby and overall family needs.

The iBaby monitor M2S Plus will give your baby the safety and security needed, which in return will give you peace of mind and a sense of serenity.

This ibaby monitor I suggest you don’t waste anytime getting for your baby.

After all, your baby deserves the best and nothing less.

Would you agree?

iBaby Monitor M2S Plus
“NEW” iBaby Monitor M2S Plus

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It will not disappoint you.

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