iBaby Air Purifier & Audio Baby Monitor – Is the Air Inside Your Home Toxic to Your Baby’s Health?

There is no question iBaby Labs have developed and designed some of the most impressive iBaby monitors since the arrival of the company’s formation in its respective market industry around 2011.

As iBaby Labs continues to transform the customary way of monitoring your baby, it has also created innovative baby monitors that aid in detecting the indoor air quality your baby is breathing, in regards to whether it is of good quality or poor quality.

iBaby Air Purifier & Audio Baby Monitor was designed to alert you of such toxins and allergens that maybe in the air inside your home, which your baby could be breathing and could potentially cause harm.

Would you like to know what iBaby Air Purifier & Audio Baby Monitor have to offer your baby in protection against breathing poor indoor air quality?

Well, continue to read the paragraphs that follow, to dive deeper into learning more about the possible harm that can occur from your baby breathing indoor toxic air, including the benefits and features offered with the iBaby Air Purifier & Audio Baby Monitor.

iBaby Air – Audio Baby Monitor & Air Purifier
iBaby Air – Audio Baby Monitor & Air Purifier

Factors Parents Should Consider That Can Affect Their Baby’s Health from Breathing Harmful Toxins Inside the Home

Parents you should know that poor indoor air quality within the home can affect your baby’s health.

Airborne toxins, contaminants, and pollutants can result in your baby becoming sick, causing issues such as asthma that can lead to additional respiratory problems.

Many indoor pollutants are not visible to our eyes, such as mildew, lead, mold, and fumes from cooking, including house cleaners consisting of various chemicals, among more.

In many instances, what we as parents generally neglect is how important it is to ensure that indoor air quality is safe not only for our baby’s but for our overall family.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), when exposed to poor indoor air quality, the results can produce a broad range of health issues that will have an effect on your baby’s health and well-being.

For parents who are first-timers, I’m sure you check the breathing of your baby several times throughout the day and night because I remember doing so with my first newborn.

My number one priority was always the safety and well-being of my baby and still is today. Likewise, I’m sure as parents yourselves, it is also yours.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind, the risks are much greater for your newborns to develop health problems because of their exposure to poor indoor air quality, considering their lungs are more susceptible to these indoor toxins and pollutants than older children and adults.

As you take this information into thought, I hope parents acknowledge why the iBaby Air Purifier & Audio Baby Monitor should be a must-have for your baby because it will drastically enhance the indoor air quality within your home for your baby.

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After all, don’t you want the best for your baby’s safety, health, and wellbeing?

Sleeping Baby
Sleeping Baby Boy

What Features Does iBaby Air Purifier & Audio Baby Monitor Offer Parents?

Particularly, iBaby Air Purifier & Audio Baby Monitor is a package deal solution, that’s unlike many other baby monitors on the market.

It is one of the best smart devices available, which parents have the option of using anywhere within their home.

Assembled with top quality air sensors, it’s designed to educate parents about the temperature, quality of air, including the degree of humidity detected within your baby’s room or any area in your home.

iBaby Air will detect Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) elements that’s harmful to your baby, which consist of alcohol, methane, and carbon monoxide to name a few.

VOC’s at room temperature have a heighten vapor pressure and are organic chemicals that without difficulty converts to vapor from its original liquid form.

All things living consist of VOC’s, and they are also in several substances such as hairspray, detergents, and paint among many others.

Many VOC’s are hurtful but on the other hand some are not.

This is where iBaby Air purifier comes in to play because it cleans the air by clearing the indoor environment of VOC’s as it releases negative ions that trap and stick to the particles, as it silently works in the background.

The air can be purified in your home with the iBaby Air purifier in 1 hour for an area of 10 ft. by 20 ft.

For VOC’s, patterns related to humidity, and temperature, iBaby Air gives parents a history graph in digital format, which allows parents to examine and contrast the data, including review trends on the quality of air with parents located in the same area as well as worldwide.

Parents, how can you not want the iBaby Air Purifier and Audio Baby Monitor to protect your baby’s health, it’s a win-win?

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Not only that but iBaby Air will send lifestyle recommendations to your mobile device and or tablet, which your family can utilize to better overall well-being.

They entail tips such as, using specific products less than usual, opening windows in your home, or maybe purchasing a plant.

And because it’s a smart air monitor, it reports the levels of air quality within your home and tracks it for you.

Talk about informative, well you will get just that with iBaby Air.

Alerts are automatically sent to your tablet or mobile device when noises are made by your baby and when changes are detected by the monitor regarding the air quality within your baby’s room and home.

When the air quality within your home changes, the air quality indicator lights will change letting you know.

You can choose to customize your indicator light colors to your liking from an array of colors.

iBaby Air is equipped with a two-way audio system, which parents can utilize as a music player to play music for their baby, Wi-Fi speaker, or even to monitor your baby.

Parents when your baby is speaking or crying at any time, you all can talk to your baby to soothe him or her, or perhaps play lullabies, songs, or connect to iTunes.

It also comes with a smart nightlight and parents you can record your voices and reply for your babies to hear you.

Additionally, parents have the option to give access to their iBaby Air device to an undefined number of users but its only supportive of 8-10 users at the same time.

It also monitors alerts and the data, and you can add an indefinite number of iBaby monitors and it does not require filters or cleaning.

Setting up and installing the iBaby Air and Audio Baby Monitor is quite easy.

First off, it’s compatible with many of Android phones 4 and beyond, iPad, including iPhone 5+.

Parents should know the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi is a requirement to install iBaby Air and its encryption supported for the safety and security of your baby.

Now tell me, what more can parents ask for in an all package deal air purifier and audio baby monitor?

18 Benefits of Owning an iBaby Air Ion Purifier and Audio Baby Monitor

  • iBaby Air is supportive of 2.4G Wi-Fi Hz
  • Compatible with Android phones 4 and beyond, and iPad, including iPhone 5+
  • An indefinite number of users can be given access
  • Smart nightlight
  • Communicate with others to like, share, as well as comment
  • Examine to contrast all iBaby Air data worldwide linked data from other parents
  • Choose from a wide range of colors for indicator light that’s customizable
  • Add your personal music or link to iTunes, or select from several lullabies, stories, and songs
  • Sound alerts, humidity, temperature, and VOCs tracking will be sent to your tablet or mobile device
  • Sensor detectors for temperature and humidity
  • Ability to voice record, reply, listen, and talk to your little one at any time of day or night
  • iBaby Care application is free to download
  • Easy set-up and smart configuration consisting of one click installation process
  • Within 1 hr. iBaby Air purifies in an area of 10 ft. by 20 ft. in your home
  • Harmful toxins and allergens detected in the air inside the home are eliminated
  • Baby monitoring system that’s two-way audio
  • Full privacy that’s controlled by parents, which is based on who the parents gives access as a user
  • No filter or cleaning necessary

iBaby Air Purifier & Audio Baby Monitor Ending Points

Overall, parents you have been educated about the origin of iBaby Labs, how breathing poor air inside the home can harm your baby, along with several factors to consider regarding the effect of breathing indoor harmful toxins and pollutants can have on your baby’s health.

Not only that but also, I educated you all about the various features iBaby Air Purifier & Audio Baby Monitor offer parents, including the 18 benefits that comes with it, among much more.

Parents the best way to ensure your baby’s well-being, is to take action against any harmful conditions that can affect him or her.

Therefore, I highly recommend parents buy the iBaby Air Purifier & Audio Baby Monitor.

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