Joovy Spoon Walker – 7 Important Benefits It’s The Better Choice

The company Joovy was established in 2005 and initially started out as a family business.

The Joovy lifestyle brand originated in the United States (U.S.) and produces designs based on creative ideas and concepts, in an effort to deliver their products to the continuous growth of an ever-changing baby accessory industry.

Joovy prides itself on manufacturing as well as designing baby accessories, including baby products of high-quality and affordability, which are known for designs of originality and construction of quality that has made them quite popular among many parents on a global level.

Since Joovy’s origination into the baby market industry, the company has been committed to the growth of families, by ensuring easier flexibility for them.

The company’s mission is to deliver families with functional as well as fun products, while also focusing special importance on usefulness and trend design, including robustness.

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Joovy Spoon Walker
Joovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal, One Size

Not only that but also Joovy considers the security and comfort of their products they develop for your children, resulting in delivering products the entire family will find enjoyable.

Joovy’s accessory and product line has resulted in the growth of five differing groups, such as the Joovy walkers, to their collection of strollers, high-chairs, and playards, along with their expanded line of accessories and much more.

Joovy has partnered with eighteen countries in the distribution arena of their production line, that is, on an international scope.

In addition, the company Joovy has two headquarters locations with one in Irvine, California and the other in Dallas, Texas.

Now, you’ve been informed and made aware of the company who designs as well as manufactures the Joovy Spoon Walker, along with many more baby products in their line of accessories, let’s move on to reading and learning more about the various benefits this baby walker has to offer your lil kiddo and family.

Describing Joovy Spoon Walker

As a mom myself, when my children were small I loved finding baby products that offered a combination of baby essentials in one product that’s of high quality yet affordable and safe.

Parents, that’s what you get with Joovy Spoon Walker. You not only get a baby walker but you also get a high chair with this combo product!

This walker is designed to give your baby the ideal balance between learning how to walk, playing, including eating.

When it’s time to serve your toddler meals or just give him or her snacks, the super-sized tray offers more than enough space to do so.

Or if it’s time for your baby to get playtime in, the spacious tray can be used for your baby to play with his or her toys.

The tray comes with a high shine white color finish, giving it styling at that premium level, in addition to making it easy to clean and eye appealing in its physical appearance.

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Joovy Spoon Walker - Baby Girl
Joovy Spoon Walker w/Baby Girl

The baby walker super-wide base provides superior durability, exceptional strength, including security and versatility for your toddler.

The wide base also ensures the protection of your child fingers not getting pinched on the side of the tray, in the event he or she bumps the wall.

The seat pad is designed to last, which is made of a combination of tough grade luggage 600D materials with a high seat back that’s padded and soft, providing your baby with a comfortable and supportive experience.

Parents you have the option of altering the height position to 3 different settings, that’s idealistic for a toddler who is at the stage of sitting upright without any help.

The Joovy Spoon Walker can be used for toddlers weighing up to 30 lbs. and 33.5 inches in height.

The baby walker is constructed with steel reinforcement, including wheels that are considerably big and stair pads that are non-slip. The baby walker is a space saver because of its simplicity design to effortlessly fold it in a flat position.        

The government standards established, including those for stair safety, the Spoon Walker either meets or exceeds them and is in compliance.

However, as always Joovy suggests parents use baby gates (need safety gates…check out my article and option to purchase “Regalo Baby Safety Gate – 7 Relevant Benefits”) as an additional safety measure to secure your child from the any stairs you may have in your home.

The walker is nearly fully ready for use when taken out the box with the exception of installing the seat pad.

Highlighted Features of Joovy Spoon Walker  

  • The Joovy Spoon Walker offers a Temporary Design that’s clean and white in its appearance with a dabble of color
  • The walker was designed with a larger than large tray (allowing space for your child to play with his or her toys as an option), that comes with an insert you can remove and it’s safe to put in the dishwasher
  • It comes with 3 positions to adjust the height as your baby height increases
  • Whether you need to travel with your Spoon Walker or store it while home; no worries, it folds, resulting in a flat position to fit either situation, saving you space
  • To ensure comfortability and support for your baby, Joovy designed the seat pad to provide such benefits for your little kiddo. And to add, the seat pad is removable and washable in a machine

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Joovy Spoon Walker - Smiling Girl
Joovy Spoon Walker w/Happy Toddler in Play Mode

7 Benefits Why Joovy Spoon Walker Is a Better Choice 

  • Spoon Walker saves you $$ money because not only do you get a walker for your baby but you also get the luxury of adjusting the Joovy walker’s height into a highchair, 2 in 1 a BONUS for sure!
  • It comes with oversized wheels, along with non-slip stair pads for the safety of your baby
  • Its ultra-wide base design protects your baby fingers, ruling out the possibility of his or her fingers getting pinched if they happen to bump into a wall.
  • It also provides your child with durability and safety while your little one is using it
  • Compared to other baby walkers, parents can use the Joovy Spoon Walker for a longer period of time because of it’s maximum height (up to 33.5 inches and weight up to 30 lbs.) and weight limit.
  • Parents you have the option to choose between 4 different seat colors for their baby
  • Overall the Joovy Spoon Walker is free of Phthalate, PVC, and BPA not to mention the product is certified by JPMA

Closing Thoughts Regarding Joovy Spoon Walker

In final consideration of the Joovy Spoon Walker, I’ve provided you with relevant and informative information about the product.

Including information regarding the originators who initially founded and solidified the company Joovy in the baby industry.

To pointing out some of Joovy’s various accessory line of products to providing you with detailed information about the Spoon baby walker.

I discussed several highlighted features that come with the baby walker; including seven benefits regarding why this walker is the best choice compared to others.

I highly recommend the Joovy Spoon Walker to all parents who have little kiddo’s who are in their beginning walking stages.

The many benefits noted also comes with a number of safety benefits for your child and will provide parents with a sense of comfort knowing their child is safe while using the Joovy Spoon Walker.

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Joovy Spoon Walker - Blueberry Seat Cover
Joovy Spoon Walker w/Blueberry Seat Cover

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