Regalo Baby Safety Gate – 7 Relevant Benefits

The company Regalo main office is located in Burnsville, Minnesota is a business that’s family owned.

They are the creators and designers of their own product line and know very well the significance of having peace of mind as parents and grandparents themselves, when it comes to purchasing products of value with security, safety, and simplicity in mind.

Therefore, their product line consists of the above-mentioned components to deliver to parents for their children. Not only that but also Regalo ensures their products are affordable, of quality, and above all safe.

In addition, Regalo leads the way in its respective industry for products that are extraordinarily safe and that makes the life of busy parents a bit less frantic.

Their line of products entails bathing, bedrails, gates, to travel products.  And they make great effort to manufacture innovative products of the highest quality.

So, let’s read and get educated about the Regalo pressure mounted safety gate in the following paragraphs.

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate
Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White

Easy Step Walk Through Regalo Safety Gate with Pressure Mount

To explain, for the Regalo safety gate to appropriately work, you must pressure it between an opening because it’s a gate that’s pressure mounted.

You must construct the gate in its entirety within the opening or doorway to remove the space at the handle.

Once you install the gate, the pressure between the opening or doorway, will require reducing because of the 2-inch space between the bars.

So, you will want to ensure to take notice of page 3 at the top within the instructions guide.

The Regalo baby gate will provide parents with a comfort level that will ease their worries. It is constructed of all-steel to ensure that it will withstand your toddler’s potential wear and tear against the gate.

There are four adjustable pressure mounts, that will allow parents the convenience of creating a secure and stable fit.

Regalo Baby Safety Gate Wall Saver with Pressure Mount System
Baby Safety Gate Wall Saver with Pressure Mount System

If your preference is to attach it to a wall, you will want to utilize the wall cups that are included to do so.

The toddler easy step safety gate stands at a height of 31 inches and if you need it to fit openings of a larger a size, it is expandable to fit doorways, kitchen, and hallways from 29 inches thru 34 inches.

But for even more of an expansion, utilize the additional 6-inch extension that’s included, which gives you a total gate expansion of up to 39 inches.

That’s not enough, you can purchase 2 (two) additional kits of extensions for spaces that are much wider.

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The gate is created with the convenience of allowing you to walk thru rather than stepping over it.

And it consists of a safety lock that’s one-touch release for the lever handle and its frame is made of all metal.

Not only that but the gate is also certified by the American Society of Testing Materials and Juvenile Products Manufactures Association.

7 Benefits of the Regalo Child Safety Gate  

  • It can be installed in various areas, such as hallways, doorways, and the kitchen
  • Takes minutes to install the gate as well as remove it
  • Prevents your child from obtaining potential injury because the safety gate restricts your little kiddo from entering certain areas within the home
  • Provides your crawling baby with safety and security, while giving parents peace of mind and ease of comfort knowing their child is safe
  • When the gate is no longer needed for your child, rather than trashing it, parents can utilize it to secure pets from entering a specific area within the home
  • Can add up to 2 (two) additional extension kits for wider spaces (sold separately)
  • It’s portable

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Reglao Baby Safety Gate One Hand Open and Safety Lock Feature
Reglao Baby Safety Gate One Hand Open and Safety Lock Feature

What Do Parents Get in the Regalo Safety Gate Box?   

  • A white gate
  • For additional security a wall cup
  • Extension kit that consist of extra 6 inches
  • Spindle rods for pressure mounting
  • Manual for instructions

Final Summary of Main Points Discussed 

As you’ve reached the end of the article, to reiterate I provided information covering the history and founders of the company Regalo, including what the Regalo Easy Step walk Through Safety Gate is about and have to offer parents.

In addition, I discussed 7 great benefits and what parents will receive within the box upon arrival of their safety gate.

I highly recommend the Regalo safety baby gate to all parents who have little kiddo’s who are in their crawling stages or even walking.

This is a great benefit for the safety and protection as well as security of their child and will provide parents with a sense of relief and ease knowing their child is safe.

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