Summer Infant Baby Monitor – Did You Know…?

For one thing, Summer Infant has a long-established presence in the market industry arena of baby monitors. The business has been around since 1985, which was the year they created the original Bouncy Seat that eventually lead to the development and production of baby monitors.

Summer Infant is committed to ensuring they develop and produce the safest and most innovative baby monitors available and to stimulate peace of mind for parents.

Quite frankly, they have a broad selection of quality and reliable baby monitors for you to choose from, which you probably didn’t know.

Therefore, as you continue to read this article, it will discuss one of Summer Infant top baby monitors I believe you will find beneficial for the needs of your baby and yourself.

 Summer Infant Baby Secure Video Monitor

First off, imagine the benefits of choosing the Summer Infant Baby Secure 2.5” Pan/Scan/Zoom Video Baby Monitor. Picture your baby resting in comfort knowing he or she is safe because you choose one of the best video baby monitors available to suit your baby needs as well as your family.

If you are seeking a video monitor that shows your baby in color Summer Infant Baby Secure Video montior is the best you can find in the handheld category.

Not only that but you should know this baby monitor brings a remarkable selection of features as well as a range of capabilities.

This baby monitor comes at a reasonable price of $149.99. You can click below on the link or other links within the article to purchase from Amazon. Your baby safety and your piece of mind is well worth the price and more!

 Summer Infant Baby Secure 2.5” Pan/Scan/Zoom Video Baby Monitor
Summer Infant Baby Secure Video Monitor

 You will not have any worries, when it comes to connecting to your baby because the Summer Infant Baby Secure Video Monitor is 100% digital technology that ensures a connection that’s private and secure.

You can talk to your baby while he or she is in their nursery with the two-way communication this baby monitor is equipped with; including use the features for scan, pan, as well as zoom the camera, to get an extraordinary view; regardless of the time of day or night, of which is linked to the handheld monitor remote control.

Remarkable Features with Summer Infant Baby Monitor

With attention to the special features Summer Infant Baby Monitor comes with, they will provide you with comfort and reassurance, letting you know your baby is safe and secure and giving you peace of mind and certainty to do other needed activities.

Imagine working on other tasks in your home while at the same time picturing your little one comfortably sound asleep because of the safe and secure connection this baby monitor provides. Now, let’s review these notable features below.

  • Video On-Off Button
  • Power-Save Mode
  • Belt/Clip Kickstand
  • Pan/Scan/Zoom
  • Night Vision
  • Adjustable Volume/Brightness
  • Sound Lights
  • Two-way Communication
  • Alert Indicator
  • Expandable system

Benefits of Summer Infant Baby Secure Video Monitor

Equally important, are the exceptional benefits you get when choosing the Summer Infant Baby Secure Video Monitor. You should know, it comes with advanced technology that provides you with the capability of adding up to a maximum of four (4) cameras (sold separately).

You can monitor not only your newborn but if you have other younger children you can monitor them as well by getting additional cameras. The privacy and security have a 100% digital technology with a 600 feet range.

Regarding the image quality, it’s equipped with a LCD color video screen that’s 2.5“/6.35cm in size with night vision that’s automatic black & white.

This baby monitor comes with remote control to adjust pan, scan, and zoom camera and if you and your little one wants to talk to each other, if at the age to talk; the two-way communication allows for this, which is linked to using your handheld.

Having the benefit and convenience of handheld portability with the Summer Infant Secure Baby Monitor is one of many remarkable benefits.

In addition, it comes with batteries that are rechargeable, belt-clip that’s built-in; kick-stand that allows for the convenience of tabletop; hardware for wall-mounting with cord security clip screen; LED lights that’s sound activated; and it comes with a warranty of 1-year.

Testing Summer Infant Baby Secure Video Monitor for Initial Setup

For the purpose of testing the initial setup and camera for this baby monitor, you should know it’s pretty effortless. Some baby monitors are complex to setup and most parents do not want to deal with any complications when trying to do so. Therefore, let’s see what it takes to setup the Summer Infant Baby Secure Video Monitor.

  • Charge battery for 4-5 hours prior to using the monitor
  • Requires two (2) adults to setup baby monitor
  • One person will need to view the image on the monitor
  • One person will need to be in the nursery to make changes to the camera
  • Determine a location for the camera positioning in your baby’s nursery to test reception
  • In a wall outlet, plug AC adapter and activate camera by powering on
  • On the monitor press & hold power/menu button for 5-seconds on monitor until you see the logo of Summer displayed on screen
  • Video appears on screen; and your initial setup is complete

Restatement of Summer Infant Baby Monitor Topics Discussed

All and all, Summer Infant Baby Secure Video Monitor comes with a nice set of features and with exceptional functionality. Its benefits are most suitable to provide your baby with the safety and security you and your baby need, including comfort in knowing you can rest assured without any worries.

Imagining and picturing yourself at ease while your baby is safely monitored with the Summer Infant Baby Secure Video Monitor is the type of baby monitor you should want.

I know as a parent I would. Therefore, I recommend you get on board as many other parents have and reap the benefits.

All the best,