Why Project Nursery Baby Monitor? 11 Remarkable Features

There is no argument Project Nursery existence in the baby monitor market is quite new. However, they are progressively proving their baby monitors deserve to be among its top competitors.

With less than two years in the marketing arena, one of their baby monitors in specific, that is, the Project Nursery 5” HD Dual Connect Wi-Fi Baby Monitor thus far, have received exceptional reviews from parents utilizing the product.

It appears the baby monitor is fully equipped with an array of features and functionalities to ensure the safety of your baby from anywhere and  anytime.

Project Nursery 5 inch HD Dual Connect WiFi Baby Monitor System
Baby Girl Sleeping

You will genuinely love the features and functionalities of this baby monitor because in return it provides you with peace of mind and comfort of knowing you can rely on it, including providing you with the capability to check on your baby from the comfort of your home as well as from outside of your home.

Not to mention, you can check-in on your little ones while at work or out and about while running errands, etc. With no further delay, parents let’s review some of the top-notch features and functionalities of the Project Nursery best baby monitor system parents are endorsing.

Project Nursery 5“HD Dual Connect Wi-Fi Baby Monitor System

Without a doubt, parents most precious pride and joy is having the capability of keeping their eyes on who is most important them, that is, their little kiddo to ensure they are safe and sound.

Therefore, the high definition video is displayed on a 5” in touchscreen monitor that produces crystalline images. When you want to check on your baby, perhaps in the event you are away from home, you can do so by utilizing the app for Project Nursery either on your tablet or smartphone.

This baby monitor comes at a reasonable price of $279.99. You can click below on the hyperlink or others within the article to purchase from Amazon. Your baby safety and your piece of mind is well worth the price and more!

Project Nursery 5 inch HD Dual Connect WiFi Baby Monitor System
Project Nursery HD Dual Connect Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

Not only that but you can also take snapshots of your baby, including setup recordings. Personally, I love the dual baby monitor allows you the capability of viewing from various locations and by more than one person.

This is a valuable benefit for you. To add, you can connect the Project Nursery 5“HD Dual Connect Wi-Fi Baby Monitor System to your smartphone or through the touchscreen parent unit by linking it to Wi-Fi.

Project Nursery Dual Baby Monitor 11 Remarkable Features

On the contrary, the Project Nursery 5“HD Dual Connect Wi-Fi Baby Monitor System comes equipped with 11 reliable and beneficial features you will find worthwhile.

Therefore, let’s check out the following features I know you will appreciate and want in the baby monitor you choose for you and your little kiddo.

  • With the addition of the Project Nursery Wi-Fi Baby Monitor you can pair a maximum of four (4) cameras
  • Plays various tunes, such as natural sound, white noise, and of course rock-a-bye-baby lullabies
  • Includes infrared night vision
  • Two-way communication
  • On more than one device, password protection permits camera views that’s happening around the same time
  • Option to auto record events you may miss out on
  • Notifications for sound and temperature sensor, including temperature and motion alerts
  • Dual Connect that entails Wi-Fi connected that allows remote viewing on your Android and iOS electronic gadgets utilizing the local Wi-Fi or Project Nursery App through the dedicated 5” parent unit with Wi-Fi range
  • Directly record snap photos and videos to your smart gadget and there is no application fees or cloud storage
  • High Definition (HD) 720P rechargeable Wi-Fi remote pan/tilt/zoom camera, consisting of a maximum battery life of two (2) hours
  • Touchscreen 5” High Definition (HD) rechargeable handheld monitor that has a maximum battery life of eight (8) hours

Additionally, you should know the dual baby monitor system is not compatible with others within its product family line-up and it also requires a Wi-Fi router.

Summary Overview of the Project Nursery Dual Baby Monitor System

There is no doubt this baby monitor system by Project Nursery will provide you with peace of mind and multiple ways to stay connected with your baby. I know ensuring your child is always safe and secure is a priority concern of yours during the day hours as well as the night.

If you are the type of parent who wants the capability of always staying connected with your baby, I highly recommend you consider the Project Nursery 5“HD Dual Connect Wi-Fi Baby Monitor System as your choice. I doubt you will be disappointed.

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4 Replies to “Why Project Nursery Baby Monitor? 11 Remarkable Features”

  1. This is interesting. I know about security cameras and the software you can use on your smartphone so that you can keep tabs on your home.

    However, this is new to me and it makes sense.
    As a parent, you want to make sure that your little one is safe ‘from a distance’

    Does this monitor require any installation or can you just place it somewhere secure?
    Also you mentioned that you can pair a maximum of four cameras. Can it be any camera or are there specific ones for this baby monitor model?


    1. Hi Jacqueline,

      There are so many various baby monitor brands and models that have evolved with technology made available to parents. You would be amazed at what is actually available. 

      I did an article on a new cordless baby monitor that’s also weatherproof and water resistant (no Wi-Fi needed), called the Totokan. It’s another interesting yet innovative baby monitor that’s new to many parents as yourself. 

      I personally found it to be a quite amazing baby monitor. You should check that article out as well, which is found on my website. It’s quite fasinating.

      To answer your questions though, the Project Nursery 5″ HD Wi-Fi Connection baby monitor system is one of kind as well. 

      But the camera unit for this baby monitor can be securely mounted on your wall using the indents that are located beneath the camera’s base, of which a wall template will be provided with the camera upon purchase. 

      The touchscreen 5” high definition LCD parent unit uses Wi-Fi connection for remote viewing, which links to any iOS as well as Android devices, such as your smartphone, ipad, etc you may have. 

      As for pairing additional cameras, yes they are of a specific model, which the accessory cameras for this unit is PNMWIFIAC and you can separately purchase them.  

      I hope you visit my website again and share my website information with your family and friends for more to come. Thank you for your questions and comments. I grately appreciate it.

      All the best,


        1. Hi Jackie,
          I apologize for now responding. I just noticed your reply comment and another one was in my spam, which is not suppose to happen. That makes it appear as I am not responding to my visitors comments in a timely matter. Not sure why this happened. I’ll have to check into this with the program IT to see why this occurred.

          But anyway, thank you Jackie and I really appreciate your support in sharing my website with your family and friends. We need all the support we can get from each other. Please visit again to see whats to come. I enjoyed our conversation and look forward to you visiting again.

          All the best,

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